The View from our Kitchen Window

This is what the view from my kitchen window looked like yesterday morning:


Not very nice is it?  Oh and please excuse the dish cloth drying on my awesome wrought iron herb rack… erm.  Moving on swiftly.

For the last few weeks I’ve been painting myself some flower pots to fill this rack so that my view is not so, well, yuckily domestic. 





I started with chives, then potted some coriander, then some parsley and then some basil.  And now my view from my kitchen window looks like this:


Hows that for an improvement huh?   Pretty darn nice if I have to say so myself 😉


15 thoughts on “The View from our Kitchen Window

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  2. Very impressive Sam. I miss being creative…was offered an art scholarship when I matriculated and strangely have not picked up a scetch pad or paint brush in ten years ;0( me thinks it’s time for some art therapy!


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