The Secret I’ve been keeping…

I am so excited right now!!!


I can finally let you all into the secret that I’ve been holding onto for the last week and a bit.  You know that job that I hate?  The job that causes so much stress in my life, the job that I truly believe is holding me back in our journey to a little Clam or two?  That job is technically no more!!!  YES you heard right!  Today I officially handed my notice in and am working my last few weeks at the place I refer to as Alcatraz…


I find it so amazing how God has worked in my life in the last few weeks.  It’s just astounding how He closed so many doors in respect of possible employment until the right thing came along.  I mean if you consider that during my frantic job search of the last month and a bit, I applied for 48 advertised jobs.  And that my friend is no mean feat.  Especially if you think that there is a global recession on.  In the past when I’ve been job hunting I’ve always had excellent come backs in terms of either agencies who were interested in seeing me for potential clients or companies themselves wanting to see me and interview me.  Not to throw flowers at myself or anything but my CV is pretty impressive.  I have extensive experience that covers a wide spectrum of fields; I can work operationally and administratively.  On top of this I honestly believe that I am even more impressive in person.  I interview well.  I have never battled to find work because of the fact that I can impress both on paper and in person.  So I was really stumped and quite confused as to why out of 48 job applications only one came back to me.  And that one was only really a sympathy call back cos I had called to chase my application up (as I did all of them).  I was super frustrated and started feeling that I was pretty worthless.  I was down and I was scared.


I needed a breakthrough and I felt like it was never going to come.  Then I got a call from an old friend of mine – her company needed an account manager pronto.  Was I interested?  Boy was I interested!!  I had my interview with the director of the company last week Monday.  Now this is where God’s grace comes in.  Before the interview I prayed and asked God that if this was the job for me, if this was my open door, I asked that I be offered the job straight away.  I asked for an immediate confirmation that this was the right move for me and for my life plan.  My Mom prayed and asked that if it was the job for me that I be offered the job in the interview, and so did my sister.  And you know what?  God answered us all.  I was offered the job straight away during the interview (pending the new account signing their contracts with the company) and the HR lady was called in and told straight away what the offer was and was asked to send the paperwork through as soon as the new account signed with them.

I’ve been waiting not so patiently for my contract and paperwork for just over a week now and it came through this morning.  I’ve signed the papers and handed in my notice.  And I’m SO excited guys; I can’t explain it to you all.  The delay in getting my contract to me has also worked out just right – as mentioned recently I need to have another lap soon and this way I’ll be having my op and recovering from it during my notice period.  I really did not want to start a new job with 4 days off for an op.  This way I can go into my new job good and clean and fresh and with a clear conscience.


Its like all things are slowly falling right into place and I just feel that we’re finally on the right side of the rainbow.  And it feels pretty good right about now.



27 thoughts on “The Secret I’ve been keeping…

  1. This is brilliant news!! and I’m sure better changes will come along in the belly department soon. Sometimes that’s all you need, to see a change that gives you hope again. Lots of love, Fran


  2. Yeah! Super excited for you! This is awesome, you really have been patient with your current situation and I am so glad this has changed for you. Fantastic!


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