Lap # 3 on the Cards

Yesterday afternoon we had a POA appointment with our FS for our next treatment.  Initially this appointment was made cos we were due to kick off IVF #3 in September but we need to delay this and had the POA appointment booked so we thought what the hey, we’ll go anyway put a plan in place and when we’re ready for it we’ll move full steam ahead with it.

Cos our chromosonal and HLA tests came back all clear we’re going to do the following:

Menopur & cetrotide stim, IVF + Intralipids drip,gestone progesterone support, clexane injections and hope and pray that this one is *the* one!

On the downside my body did not play ball this month and I’m on day 42.  Our FS’s concern is that my endo is returning cos my last lap was in March 2008 and my endo was really severe and agressive at that stage.  He did a scan and we’ve picked up what could be an endo issue on my right ovary.  He wants me to get my period and re-scan so we can re-evaluate and decide on whether I need another lap or not.

Cliff and I have been thinking of this a LOT, and we’ve decided that I should have a lap.  I would hate to do a treatment based on an ultrasound diagnosis, have it fail and then go for a lap and find endo.  We would end up kicking ourselves and have wasted a good 40 odd thousand rand.

On the plus side I did have a corpoeous luteum on my left side which means I did manage to ovulate on my own for once!!!!!!!  This is HUGE!  *I told Cliff we should have had sex ;)*

So my dears it seems that lap # 3 is imminent and sometime thereafter fresh IVF # 3.  I’m hoping that if in numerology (have not googled it cos in my mind this is already a *sign* – 3rd lap and 3rd IVF = success!) the number 3 is way cool that this means we’ll finally achieve our dream of having a Clam to add to our family.


19 thoughts on “Lap # 3 on the Cards

  1. AH, somehow I missed the fact that you had endo, too. Ultrasound is no good as a dx tool for a lot of endo lesions, because they’re flat/tiny. Big chocolate cysts, yeah. The rest? Not so much.

    Good luck with your lap. I won’t bleat on about how I feel about empiric clexane when there’s no thromboplilic process 🙂




  2. My dear, your protocol sounds great (I am on the same including the intralipid!) and I wish you all the very best for your lap, you are right, no point in going in blind if there is some endo back that can be zapped away. Lots of love, Fran


  3. Here’s hoping that this is IT now sweet friend. You know that I wish this for you more than anything else, I also wish for peace of heart no matter what.

    Beeeg hugs xxx


  4. You are definitely being proactive to get all questions answered–that is the ONLY way I wanted to proceed with our 2nd IVF. I hope it goes really smoothly–and gives you the comfort to go forward–and WAY to go on the ovulation on your own=) xoxo


  5. A little clam with lots of loving aunties around to cuddle him/her.
    Here is hoping and praying. Lap’s are yukky…..but I do agree with your thinking.


  6. No kidding…3 is a good number!

    I like the way you have rationalized this whole deal about the lap. Good Luck…hope this is your last lap, and the IVF #3 is all sugar-outcomed!

    Sticky non-stinky vibes your way! 🙂


  7. Good to hear you have a plan, although having to do another lap is not ideal but it is a means to end. May this be the end for you, may you have your happy ending.


  8. So glad your tests came back all clear, at least that’s one lss thing to worry about! Hope your lap goes well and that #3 is the one that does it for you!


  9. Eish, another lap! Suppose a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…unfortunately.

    Hoping and praying that things sort themselves out in preperation for your next cycle and everything conspires in your favour…

    Good luck my friend, always hoping for the best, so keep shaking that booty!


  10. Sorry for the change in plans, Sam. There always seems to be one more obstacle to overcome on this journey and you are taking it head on to get to where you need to be. I hope all goes great and you are starting IVF#3 to make a family of 3 in no time. (-;


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