Forced Silence

I feel like a heel – I’ve been pretty much internetless for nearly 2 weeks!!!  And due to this have been on a forced silence…  THAT my dears is suckage of the biggest kind!

It started with my company installing a program called Baracuda which ceased all my blog reading from work internet.  That was fine – I had a solution – I took my own laptop to work daily and used my own internet connection to stay in touch with the internet at large.  Then about 2 weeks ago the security lady at the staff entrance told me taking my laptop into work was an issue.  She was told by our IT department that all laptops had to be approved by them.  I was confused but considering it was a personal PC and that I was paying my own way internet wise I did not forsee an issue…

Boy was I wrong!

Apprently I am a security risk!  I can steal company information by bringing my laptop onto the premises!  I am a threat to their network! Blah blah blah fishpaste.  Asswipes just did not want me reading blogs and writing my genius!!!

Hence my enforced silence. 

I’m trying my best to stay in touch, trying my best to preplan posts to keep my blog alive… all the while I’m desperately looking for a new job where blogs are appreciated and considered worthwhile…

Wish me luck!


12 thoughts on “Forced Silence

  1. Welcome back!

    Laptops are not the only way to steal company information. Perhaps your IT department has never heard of flash drives. You could smuggle in a hundred flash drives at once and they’d have no idea. Or burn CDs, or email files…


  2. Argh. My work is ridiculous about this. You need approval for internet access PERIOD. Approval for usb drives to be activated. Multiple passwords to access the computer.

    I mean. If I wanted to steal stuff, all I need is the copier…we still use PAPER documentation at my hospital.

    Ridiculous. I’m waiting to get caught.


  3. I have a similar issue at my work. They have started monitering my internet usage…and if I bring my laptop they “assume” that I am just blogging all day. I mean, I am, but whatever. 😉


  4. Silly buggers!! How rude of them!

    We’re missing you in blogland but at least I’m one of the more fortunate ones who get to see you in real life!!! Lucky me 🙂


  5. Sam!!! Finally found your blog! Been “looking” for you since the “book-club/drinking evening”!! I think I clicked on every one of Shaz’s blogs before i landed you!!
    Any hoo – will be checking in regularly now, so… keep blogging chick! And if it means getting a new job in order to do so, then so be it! Not that I’m demanding or anything! Kirsty x


  6. You find a place of work that appreciates the coolness that is you. I love ya to bits and so should the rest of the world. SO write, young beautiful woman, WRITE!


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