Since my last failed IVF my body seems to have kicked into a semblance of normal… and I’m forced to admit that I like it.  I like it a lot.  Cos while I’m not in anyway thinking about ttc “naturally” I’m pleased that my body has managed to play nice for three cycles in a row now.

First cycle after the failed IVF in Feb was 35 days long, the second cycle was 38 days long and I immediately thought ot myself “here it goes, they’re getting longer and longer and soon I’ll be back to those 80 – 100 day cycles or will have to put myself back on the pill”.  But lo and behold here I sit at the beginning of my fourth “natural” cycle after my failed IVF.  And the cherry on the top?  My last cycle was only a measly 32 days long! 🙂  Hows that for a “normal” cycle?

Of course, now I’m daring my body to do it again… Part of me is also wondering how much the enforced break between treatments that our wait for our HLA test results is playing in my body’s sudden transformation to “naturally normal”?

Think there is a “mind over matter” phenomenon going down here??


20 thoughts on “Hmmmm….

  1. Hi! nice to get to know you, this ICLW week has been great so far and I’m making my way down the list! i am vry happy for you that your cycle is not acting up, I’ve read that you don’t seem to be getting to beta or test day, are you on progesterone support? Love, and all the very best for your next cycle, Fran



  2. Hehe, I like the above comment altho I think it’s soon for that 😉

    I’m so glad that things are settling down in terms of your cycles, maybe, just maybe that little baby that we’re all waiting for will be conceived soon!! I pray everyday for that for you dear friend. Maybe it is a mind over matter thing, who knows but whatever it is I like it 😉


  3. Awesome Sam!!! When my AF went MIA for 6 months it drove me absolutely insane so I am so glad for you. I’ve been at 31 days for a couple of months so doing a progesterone O test at lunch time just to confirm (not that it is really going to help us much even if it is pos.) Are you gonna to an O test soon?


  4. I’m glad it appears as though your cycle has regulated. It’s always nice when you have an idea of when it is coming. I’m sorry to hear about your failed cycle.



  5. Let’s hope ur one of the lucky ones whos PCOS improves with age.

    Just imagine that, getting pregnant from sex. What a nice thought….let’s think that thought for a while, hmmmm….how wonderful….. 🙂



  6. I love “curing” myself with the “mind over matter” theory. It rarely works, but there has been times it had! YAY for “normal” cycles, maybe..just maybe…. Good luck!


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