Alternate Therapy?

I saw a body alignment therapist over the weekend.  Part of me is glad that I went to see her but a part of me is confused and conflicted… Let me explain.

At the beginning of the session the therapist explained that I was in a safe place and that no bad entities could enter and that I was protected by the Arc Angel Michael.  I did not feel threatened by the therapist in any way but I can tell you that I was damn nervous for the treatment.  She used a combination of crystal therapy as well as chakra balancing, reiki energy healing , pendulum healing and what she calls “intuitive channeling”.  She told me that she uses Angels who are guides to help align the body and mind. 

What I did feel almost immediately once the treatment started was an intense energy radiating through my body and my eye lids were “shivering” (sorry this was the best way I could come up with to explain it) uncontrollably.   She told me that I “talk a lot but don’t say anything”.  She also explained that I had got myself into such a habit of not allowing myself to feel that I have shut my emotions down completely.  She told me that I need to learn to love myself before I can love a child that I bring into the world.  She also told me that I should find myself a homeopath using my gut instinct cos she was told that homeopathy would help me.

She told me that I am not very honest with myself.  That I use my infertility as a way to gain attention.  That I have immense feelings of lack of self worth.  That I needed to take responsibility for my part in my infertility.  She explained that it was ok for me to not agree with or to dislike things my Mother says and does.  It was immensely clear that I loved my Mother but that I was not being honest with myself about the fact that she does and did things that I disliked.  But most of all that I must learn to accept and feel the love around me.  That I needed to realize that I was a beautiful being and that I was WORTHY of love and all it’s blessings.  I cried.  It was hard to hear these things being said to me, but most of it was pretty on the money.

The problem is that it was not all about me learning to love myself and accepting that I’m a pretty cool chick, there was a scary side to the session as well.  She told me that when I was 17 or 18 someone put an accidental curse on me which is the root cause of my infertility.   Naturally I’m a little freaked out by this.  I cannot think of who would have accidently put a curse on me at this time of my life.  I was either in my last year of school or living in the middle of a game reserve hanging out with a bunch of game rangers.  And for the life of me, I cannot think of anyone in either of those two groups of people who could have done this to me.  She told me that there is nothing wrong with my body, and that my challenges are in my mind.  Oh and don’t for get that accidental curse.

There were some things about my job situation, about letting go of negativity and some others that I’m not remembering as I type this out…

I guess most of my conflict comes to the fore because I’m a Christian.  I’ve accepted Christ into my life and due to this I know that seeking this kind of treatment is considered taboo.  I know that there is a spirit world out there that might be deceiving me, but I also know that I am a child of Christ and through Him I am protected, I am righteous and I am covered in His blood that will ensure I am safe.  There were many things that she said that were right on the money.  I do have feelings of lack of self worth.  I am not completely honest with myself and others about many things – I say I’m fine when I’m not, I say I am strong and coping when in actuality I’m falling to pieces, I say my family is “normal” when I really come from a pretty dysfunctional place in terms of family – the list goes on and on.  I do not allow myself to feel.

And yet, I’m not sure that I would seek the assistance of this lady again.  I do think that many of the things she revealed I needed to know.  I need to learn to love myself, I need to learn that I AM worthy of love, I need to start getting real with myself. 

And most of all I need to pray over my womb to break any curse that may or may not have been accidently placed on me.  (And if any of you are the praying type and feel it in you to help me on this one, I would mightily appreciate it.)

In the last few days I have debated this issue with a few of my friends, and I do believe that God gives people the gift of prophecy or healing, and as long as they do it to His glory.  I believe that we all have access to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that many people use these gifts for the greater good.  I truly believe that if I am seeking treatment that comes from the most high, it can’t be all wrong.  I know that these therapists have the opportunity to take these gifts to a darker place, a place that is not about glorifying His name, and I guess it’s that “other side” that has me erring on the side of caution right about now.  It’s too easy to get involved or drawn into it without you even knowing before it’s too late… (Remember that accidental curse??)


I’m damn confused and need to do some serious soul searching about this…  I’m interested though, what are *your* thoughts on alternate treatments?


16 thoughts on “Alternate Therapy?

  1. Wow! I feel like everything I just read was directed to me. I can totally relate to what you wrote. I don’t know what the “right” answer is by God, but I, like you, am willing to try anything “natural!” It’s so hard going through this, I just try to lift it all up to God…although it is EXTREMELY hard! I’ll be praying for you! 🙂
    ~Michelle (ICLW)


  2. I did a “healing” treatment that may just have been what finally worked for me — but he didn’t talk nearly so much about things like curses, angels, etc. I think I might be put off by some of the things your lady said, and in general I am very skeptical of such things, but I also think that there are a lot of things we can’t explain or understand and you never know.


  3. Hmmm, very interesting. I’m not sure I like the comment that it is all in your mind. That would make me angry.I think that there are some good things that you can take away with you. I had a session with someone a few years ago. She told me some interesting things about why I can’t fall pg with my own eggs. Will chat about it tonight.


  4. mmmm really dont know. Ive never been to a healer so i cant really comment on that. As you know I am doing a course thru metavarsity that teaches you to be more intuitive, its really interesting and I think I would believe myself over someone else, although some things you do need to be told directly.
    Ive dont the whole homeopathic route, fertiboost, drops, chinese meds, acu, reflax, scio etc etc etc and I personally feel that if it hasnt worked for 3 years for ME then its unlikely to work. Its certainly worth a try and I think if you want you should try but you need to be prepared to give it at LEAST 6 months and even up to a year to start seeing any differences.
    HUGS xxx


  5. Sam – I totally get where you are coming from. I think I would say use what you can from the session with this woman and discard the rest. Your faith is incredibaly strong. Hugs


  6. Between us I’ve raised more than my fair share of opinion on this, and I think you know where I stand on the matter. I’m very interested in what others say about this.

    My feeling is that you need to really seek out God’s will on this, and if you don’t kow how to seek God’s will on something, then you have even more homework to do.

    All I can say is “God bless” and may His light shine on the truth.


  7. LOLOL….somebody told me that I had taken over somebody else’s fate as an infertile…Can’t tell you the details, but yessah, that is what he ladled me.

    Never want to see him again.



  8. Hey Budg
    At the end of the day, you need to do what sits comfortably with you, if you have any doubt, don’t do it.
    Going to see Sharon was a big deal for me to and it was something I thought about/prayed about a lot before I went.
    Alternative meds is not for everyone, nor do I believe that it works for everyone. However, my last pregnancy is living proof that there is a place for alternative healing in some cases.
    All the best with whatever you decide.


  9. I as you may suspect am about as straight down the line of rational scientific medicine as a double-blinded-randomised-control-trial.

    Shan’t say more 🙂



  10. Sam,

    I honestly don’t blame you for being so confused, especially considering your faith.

    I tend to take alternate Therapy and medicine with a serious pinch of salt. And only take from it what I need at the end of the day. (Same with religion)

    To me alternate therapy is very much like a psychologist, they are trained in ‘case studies’ and theory and you walk out there at the end of the day believing they helped. When truth is that they didn’t solve your issues, they were merely the ear to listen to you cry, scream, talk, laugh about things in your life and at the end of the day just getting that out your system helps a lot, yes they would ask questions, give you tasks, etc to provoke reactions, thoughts or answers, but you are the one that ultimately solves your own problems/issues and make your own decisions.

    I went for Scio/Biofeedback in Feb… I was extremely skeptical about it. And most of what was said to me I already knew.
    Common symptoms perhaps?
    Needless to say, the antibiotics I got from my GP worked on my sinuses. Not anything else.

    Perhaps you’d like to read the following:

    This is just how one man changed his whole life of believing alternate treatments after discovering the truths and the facts.

    You know your truths, and if you don’t you will find it. Soul searching is always good!


  11. Hmmm, sounds very new age. I fear that many who dabble in the therapy field cause more problems than they can help with.

    A good therapist can help with these issues and not have to have the help of crystals and other new age “garbage”.

    Hope you find that good therapist.


  12. Sam, there’s nothing wrong with seeking healing from God, but you have to always concider the source. Althought this lady professes to be a Christian, I do not believe that she is, you only have to look at her fruits. She’s a medium who talks to spirits, she uses angels, where we have expressely been fobidden to do so. Her practices are mainly occultic. I have been pretty silent on this issue until now. But I do know that you guys know where I stand on this, and in no way do I stand in judgement because of this. I just want you know that right from the start. As Christians we each have our own path to follow.

    You know all the things she told you already, you knew it before you went in to see her. Those things are not secret and her knowing those things also does not mean she’s a child of God.

    Yes I believe fully that we have the gifts of the Spirit and word of knowledge and healing are some of them, but you have to be careful not to see all healings as from God, because not all are.

    In terms of the curse, you have the power to break this curse in the name of Jesus, if you are fearful or you are doubtful then maybe make an appointment with one of your pastors. It is vital that this curse is broken.

    As for the protection thing, just like I said on M’s blog, yes you are protected but you will still suffer the consequences if you sin. If you steal, you can’t think you won’t go to jail because in God you have protection, you will still go to jail even though you are still saved by His grace and mercy. It’s the same with dabbling in the occult.

    Don’t let feelings of condemnation consume you, you will be (are) Forgiven and justified in Christ, but never just assume that you are always protected. Sometimes we do things that take us out of that protection, and you need to be fully aware of the dangers.


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  14. Feelings of confusion would not be a bad thing after a good healing…it just means “stuff” is coming up to be released.

    Always take what healers say with a grain of salt though. Not all are professionally trained in counseling. You can get energy healing without any advice or talking at all – it is not necessary whatsoever to the process. Sometimes it is better if the healer shuts up and allows the client to come to their own conclusions and insights. But your mileage may vary. Sometimes advice is nice, and sometimes it’s nice to figure it out on your own. 🙂


  15. I would say listen to that discerning voice within you.
    Personally, to be told that I had been cursed and had a hand in my own infertility would have angered and confused me, and made me feel at odds with God and the things I believe he wants for us.
    I am completely open to alternative healing and believe God heals in many ways, but for me I always listened to that voice and trusted it.
    Making contact with angels, channeling etc does make me nervous. I hate the thought of vulnerable women being caught up in something dark.
    That said, I have never been to a healer and am making my judgement on what I have read.
    Trust yourself,thinking of you.


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