New Ring!

I’m SO excited!!!  When we got married 5 years ago we could not afford to have the wedding band made that I wanted, so I settled for a plain band with eensy diamonds set in it all the way around the band.  I truly love my wedding band, but when we went to Namibia for a holiday a while back we got an amazing deal on some diamonds at  the airport.

These diamonds have been sitting in our safe for a loooonng time (cos you know we’ve been spending all our extra cash on treatments) and last Saturday I took them to a local jeweller who is making me a new wedding band with these diamonds set in the way I wanted my original band to look.  I’m not giving up on my band that I got married with, but now am going to have two wonderfully sentimental rings to wear.

I get my new ring on Saturday morning!  SO SO SO excited 🙂


18 thoughts on “New Ring!

  1. Oh how exciting, us wimmins always enjoy the shinys! So awesome that you are having this fulfilled! Enjoy the excitement and oogling!


  2. Oooh!!! Hope you’re getting it on Saturday MORNING so I can see it in the afternoon? Is this an early B’day pressie or just sommer? Lucky bum!
    You need to tell me where you took your diamonds to, I have a gorgeously massive diamon I inherited from my Gran but am to scared to take it just anywhere to get it set!!!


  3. I add my request for pics! We, too, were too broke to get a nice wedding band 7 years ago (eek!), so at some point, I’d like a nicer one. But I did get a pretty pretty ring for having the boys last year, so that will hold me off. 🙂

    Yey for pretty things!


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