Crafty Lasses

As you all know I do ceramic painting, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to do mosiacs, so when a friend and I found a studio that did mosiac courses I called together my mates and said “Come on girls, lets do it”

We headed off yesterday morning for a morning workshop and learned how to make mosiac photo frames.  There were the three of us, me, Tam and Shaz and boy did we have fun!

This is what we got up to, and I have to say I’m hooked, I have plans for a few more pieces for our home…

Tam mosiac action 2

Sam Mosiacs Action

Tams frame

Shaz's mociac

Sam's frame flipped

We rocked!!

Sam Peace Mosiacs

15 thoughts on “Crafty Lasses

  1. Fun!

    One downside of mosaics is that they’re so time-intensive that if you sold them, you’d have to charge hundreds per piece to get proper compensation. But when you’re doing it just for yourself or as a gift, it’s fun to spend an eternity on one thing.


  2. You’re a talended girl, Sam! I did the same course, and loved it. I’ve made some other pieces too, but I must say, you are very artistic! Mine pales in comparison!


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