Skin Snip

In an effort to save some moola for our next treatment I decided that there was one little luxury that I could get away with cutting out of the budget every 8 weeks or so.  The brazilian wax money! Ok, so granted it is not a lot of money to save but every little bit helps right and a close friend of mine shared her secret tip of how to keep your lady bits looking snazzy without having to rip your hairs out by the roots and for no major cost.  Like Bonus!!

Her style secret was to use my husbands hair clipper/shaver (with no attachment on it) to pretty up the old vag.  And it’s a great one, except, well except that I was a bit lax in my,  shall we call it upkeep? and needed to give myself a little trim in order to use the shaver thing to it’s full advantage.  So last night before bed, out came my hair sissors and I started to give myself a hairdo.  All was going well and things were looking good *eyebrow waggle* until I winced and saw red!!!!  I inadvertendly gave my skin a bit of a snip and it was bloody (hehe, good pun…) sore!

Now I’m walking like I got a carrot up my bum… So if you see me anytime soon – ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies…


11 thoughts on “Skin Snip

  1. You need to be careful Budg! If a slight trim is required prior to using said clippers, the necessary trim is best done using a comb (you know those black ones that men in safari suites have tucked in their socks? They work best) Then keep the comb between your skin & the scissors to avoid snipping anything unessessary!!!


  2. So…wait. Are you shaving it GONE with the hair clippers? Or just cutting it close? I need details about the vag. Which is wrong in so many ways, I know. But still. Curious to know how the clippers work.


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