I know him so well…

The scene:  Sitting on the couch watching Greys, glass of wine in hand.

The players:  Him and Her with the Jack Russel wedged between them.

*Scene fades in *

Him:       I see you bought us a peanut brittle.

Her:        No, I bought me a peanut brittle.

Him:      Oh.

*Ad break comes on and he looks over at her with doe eyes.  (Cue forward about 4 ad breaks with same actions mentioned here)*

Her:        Why do you keep looking at me like that?

Him:       I’m looking at you admiratilty…. admir….. adm…. or whatever the word is….

Her:        Admirably?

Him:       Uh huh….

Her:       [With eyebrow cocked jauntily at him]  Are you sure it’s not cos you’re wanting me to open the peanut brittle and share it with you??

Him:     [Stunned look on face]  Is it *that* obvious???

Her:      [Chuckling]  Babe, I know you so well.

*Scene closes with two happy nutters munching on a peanut brittle while the jack russel snoozes on between them oblivious.*


7 thoughts on “I know him so well…

  1. That is so sweet. 😉

    It makes me happy that I can finish Frank’s sentences and that he can finish mine, there’s just something about loving and knowing someone so much.


  2. So cute, this put a huge smile on my face. Though, I was surprised that the dog didn’t jump up and start begging the second the candy was brought out…my dogs would have NEVER slept through that! lol


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