Straight as the Crow Flies?

Last week when we went to have our HLA testing done, we had to plan our route cos we were going to a place that we were not really 100% sure where it was.  We took out the old trusty map book and my darling husband looked at the where the spot was and planned a relatively easy route to get there.  It was a smiple “head straight down Jan Smuts Ave and we’ll get there” kind of deal.

The morning of the tests dawned and it was POURING with rain, now any logical person knows tht when it rains people in general forget how to drive and that traffic is going to be intense.  No matter the route you take.  So we left our house before sparrow’s fart and got on our merry way.  Now I was following my dear husband in my own car cos we work in totally different areas of Joburg.  Well.  Lets just say that sometimes it is not a benefit to have a husband who grew up in this city and who knows the back roads and supposed short cuts.  By the time we were 5km’s into the drive I was hopelessly lost and darn confused – cos?  This.was.not.the.route.we.discussed!  Also my darling husband thought that by changing the afore mentioned route to the HLA testing place, he was saving us time, saving us petrol and saving us from traffic….

FAIL!  We ran late anyway, we used more petrol cos we saw practically the whole of Joburg just getting there and due to the precipitation falling from the grey skies we sat in traffic practically the whole trip regardless of the route.  And because I was so hopelessly lost due to the round the mulberry bush he had taken me on, there was no way that I could do a tail spin and get myself there sooner than he…

It is just one of the many things that confungle me about my husband.  In my mind it would have been easier to take the direct route (the one we had discussed and agreed upon).  But then again, who am I to say?  What you think internet?  Straight as the crow flies?  Or round the mulberry bush?


4 thoughts on “Straight as the Crow Flies?

  1. Hee hee hee! Men folk are funny! I’d say straight, but then, I’m no good at direction, but it makes sense dontcha think?


  2. I hate traffic! So while I understand the logic behind straight as the crow flies, I probably would also have selected round the mulberry bush! 🙂


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