Super Mom

Today is Mother’s day. 

Since we started trying to make a baby over 5 years ago this day has become a bit of a challenge issue  pain in the ass  difficult day to face.  In the first year of ttc it never really bothered me cos naturally I was going to be celebrating it the following year along with the other mothers in my family and church.   But as we passed the two year mark and then the three year mark I was less sure of the fact that I would be celebrating anything at all.  This year I am again on the other side of the glass looking in and funnily enough it is not as sore as I thought it would be.  Sure there were tears at church as they honored the Mothers, but overall I guess I’m just happy to be able to honor my mother.

Cos my Mom?  She’s the absolute BEST there is in the world. 

I hear of so many mother daughter relationships that are strained and that are a clash of personalities  and are defined by tension, and I thank God everyday that I don’t have one of those relationships with my Mom (not judging anyone who does, I know there are always reasons for everything, I’m just saying).  My Mom is one of my best friends, she is just wonderful.  She’s taught me to always do my best at everything I do, but has also managed to teach me the fine balance between being good at things and doing them well and understanding where your limitations lie.  My Mom is a true lesson in strength.  Growing up she was often left alone to look after my sister and me while my father was sent away (he was in the military).  She always provided us with the best home even when we lived in an army base in what I like to call our “cardboard house” (the walls were not made of cardboard, but they were precast I think and boy does it annoy Mom when I call it that… which naturally is why I do it *wink*).  We always wore the latest fashion (not name brands cos they were not cool when I was a kid but if it was in fashion we had it *remembers her denim bubble skirt* ).  And when we were naughty, we got the belt or shoe.  I often think about how hard it must have been for her in those days.  Practically a single mom with two constantly bikkering, naughty kids to take care of and still put in a full day at work?  I’m not sure that I could handle all of that with as much applomb as she did.

And when my neice came along, my Mom became a Granny and looking at the special relationship that she has with Kayla makes my heart sing.  Cos I know when I do finally have my own kids that they have something really special to look forward to by having my Mom as their Gran.  My Mom has stood by me every step of this infertility journey, she cries for me (cos we all know that I don’t do the crying thing), she holds my hand when I’m sad, she prays for me when I can’t pray for myself, she stands in the divide for me.  She doesn’t always get how I’m feeling or why I’m feeling it but she’s always there.  Holding me, keeping me sane and strong.

My Mom adores my husband.  In fact many a time she takes his side in an arguement and I’ll be like “hey, I’m your blood not him”.  She has simply accepted that because I love him He is her son.  She loves him probably more than she loves me (she always wanted a boy) and knowing that she loves him just because I’m married to him is pretty darn cool.

My Mom is also REALLY cool.  She’s fashionable, keeps up to date with all the happening things of the world and is beautiful inside and out.  My Mom does all the above and WAY WAY more for me while still being there and doing all the above and WAY WAY more for my sister and my neice AND works her butt off all day. 

Quite simply, if I am half the mother she is one day, I will be a happy girl.  Cos my Mom?  She’s Super Mom.  She’s my hero.

I love you Mom.  So, so much.  You Rock!


5 thoughts on “Super Mom

  1. Good for you for not dwelling on the sadness that this day could be for us infertiles. I’m totally with you on this one, today is all about my incredible mother and celebrating her as well. No time for self pity, besides, I don’t need a day to tell me I’m special, I already know I am and you too sista!!! 😉


  2. Such a great post, Sam–I am like you, and am SO lucky to have a fabulous mom. This day is definitely a day I celebrate her-and always will. Thinking of you today-big hugs from across the miles!


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