HLA Testing…

First up, apologies for being the sporadic blogger, I’ve been… well uninspired of late.  I have so many things that when they happen I’m all like “ooh must blog about it” but when it comes time to put finger to keyboard, I’m all like “duh how do I say that again?”…

At the time of our post IVF failure appointment our FS told us that with our next IVF he reckoned we’d have to do IVIG with it cos they wanted to “throw everything at it” and that the tests to confirm we needed IVIG for sure were expensive and bladdi blah… We left that appointment and first course of action was to get our chromosonal tests done and dusted. 

Then began the analysing and debating as to whether we take our FS’s advise to just do IVIG without doing the tests and see if that is the variable in our formula that we’ve been missing all along.  My brakes hit when I realised that what if I do my next attempt with IVIG and it then fails?  Will I then need to be sent for the tests anyway?  What was the point of doing a drip which cost a fortune if I only had a less than 1% chance of *actually* needing it?  Back and forth, back and forth.  Should we, shouldn’t we?

In the end we decided that we were going to go ahead with the tests, simply because I we wanted to be sure that I’d we’d crossed every possible “challenge” off the list before we proceed with our next attempt.  Cos dude?  There is research out there that proves you lose your edge after your third fresh attempt at IVF.  *cue mini freak out*  And cos this is our *shudder* third fresh attempt and techinically our 4th attempt I we wanted to be pretty darn sure that we were giving it our all.

What I did not prepare myself for was HOW much blood they drew for this “little” test.  Crikey!  One small bottle (no lies – blood drawn with a syringe – a really BEEG one – twice (!) to fill it ) and 8 vials of blood as well.  From each of us.  Thank gosh they used a butterfly needle (? hope that’s the right teminology I know a doctor who reads this here humble blog).  I felt like I should have been auditioning as a victim to a sexy vamp on a vampire show or something. 

As they were drawing it though, I looked at the small bottle and thought to myself – that blood looks damn good.  It looks like blood that CAN and SHOULD sustain a little person or two growing inside my body.  And THAT gives me hope.

Now all we do is wait for the results – they said it can take 2 – 3 months but a friend of mine who also had it done had her results back in 1 so I’m hoping for a speedy lab tech and either proof that we fall into that less than 1% margin (we’re on a roll here being on the right side of the stats so why not right?) or proof that we do in actual fact need to save for IVIG drips which will then begin a WHOLE new ball game…

I’ll be a better blogger… (I promise while holding nix behind my back…)



10 thoughts on “HLA Testing…

  1. One more thing to cross of the list of variables, I like it! 🙂 And I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one that was like holy sh*t I’m going to pass out, when I saw how much blood they draw for that there HLA study!


  2. I’ll stand on my head and sing Siembamba at Vitalab if you test positive…ok, now let’s not tempt fate…

    I hope it all works out well. Now we wait…twirling thumbs…


  3. LOL!!! Yeah it’s a lot of blood! I can’t even remember how long my results took, but I’m glad you guys have done it now, and I’m hoping for good results!


  4. Butterfly is what we always called em.. so yeah. I am glad you got the testing but yeah.. staring at like 14 vials of blood can be a bit scary. I am praying.


  5. Im all for having as much info going in as possible–I made my RE SWEAR he had given us all the tests he could think of before we started again. Helps peace of mind, IMO.
    Hope it doesnt take long–and that all is GOOD! xoxo


  6. Whenever I have to give a butt-load of blood, I reward myself with a gigantic cheeseburger. You know, to replace the iron.

    Crossing my fingies, girl. Hope you get your results stat.


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