5 Years

Some days it’s felt like this time has just flowen by, others well not so much.  One thing has remained constant though.  The love I feel for you is true and constant.  Through our fights, through our infertility, through our laughs, through our tears.

I love you babe.  And I can’t wait to spend the next 5 years with you.







30 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. What? Are you guys operating on five year plans?

    LOLOL! Wish you guys a very fantastic wedding anniversary…Keep Rocking…love your pictures esp the one where you are sticking your tongue out and have that yellow flower in your hair….



  2. Congrats to a very special couple!! May you have many more fantastic years together! Such stunning pics!
    Enjoy the day, the weekend and the year(s) ahead!


  3. Hiya darlin’! I’m pulling my head out and chkg. in on you. Lovely to see the glowingly happy couple shots. It all starts there, with the love you two share. Killer stairs, BTW!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Thinking of you,


  4. SO sweet! And you are both SO beautiful! If I didn’t love ya to bits.. I migt not like ya 😛

    Congrats! And super huge blessings!!!



  5. You all are so cute…happy (belated) anniversary!
    Sam, Im so sorry I wasnt able to comment more through your most recent cycle–I was checking in on you, and I love that we can keep up via twitter, too.
    Big hugs from across the miles! xoxo


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