That’s what I like to hear.  Normal.

All my life I’ve been quite proud of the fact that I’ve been anything but normal.  That I was different to everyone else in some way.  But when we went for our chromosonal tests a few weeks back I was terrified rather worried that I was going to be anything but normal.  I knew that we only had a 4% chance of us not being “normal” but man alive 4% sounds quite high when you’ve been on the wrong side of the statistics of late.

But thank the good Lord above we’ve fallen on the right side of normal. 

We can should be able to have babies. *huge sigh of relief*


13 thoughts on “Normal.

  1. I was thrilled too when our results came back “normal”. We were both like, “Ummm, no, we’re the ones on the crap side of statistics. Could you please check again?” (-;

    So glad for you to have one less thing on your plate!!


  2. Fantastic news Sam – at least you can progress forwards now in the knowledge that you “can” have babies together. Yey!


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