I miss my bed…

A while back I mentioned that we were re-doing our stairs at home.  Well building work started in earnest at the begining of this last week and let’s just say it’s not been pretty…

Our house went from being a home to a building site and dust now covers EVERYTHING like a veil and the worst thing about it is that it does not make any sense at all to clean it up cos well by the end of each new day there is a new layer of dust hovering in the air just waiting to settle over all our wordly goods.  Even in the places that we thought woudl be safe, the dust she is there!

At this point in time we have no stairs leading up to our bedroom either and after squatting in our own spare room, sleeping on a double bed I can safely state that “I miss my bed”.  When one has become accustomed to sleeping in a queen size bed, going back to a double bed is no mean feat.  I mean the duvet is like half the size and Cliff is a nasty duvet stealer.  His feet just about hang off the edge of the bed too which lets in the cooler air and that is no good at all.

Other than my bed, I miss the shower.  I’m one of those girls who washes her hair everday (I know the whole let your natural oils flow but I.just.cannot.have.greasy.hair.  It drives me completely batty!) and now that I have to wash my hair everyday in the BATH, Oh.My.Word!  Four words for this mission accomplished daily – Pain.In.The.Ass!!

And the cherry on the top is this – we have had to knock out some tiles to level the area where the old staircase used to be and guess what – NO tile place in the whole of bloody Joburg can supply us with the same tiles.  Lovely. Now we’ve had to be creative in our solution to this issue and are having to spend WAY more money than expected by putting in parcade wooden flooring in our lounge and dining room so that our builder can carefully pull up some tiles from this area to cover the gaping hole in our entrance.

We have been taking daily photo’s of the progress and I will do a pictorial onc the work is finally all done so that you can see the transformation from home to buidlers site to home (hopefully) again.  Work is expected to be complete and house thoroughly cleaned by next weekend.  And I *know* you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting with bated breath (this also helps combat the inhalation of dust) to see them.


4 thoughts on “I miss my bed…

  1. Home renovations are never fun! W and I redid a large portion of our house two years ago, for 3 months, we lived with the front part of our house completley missing, no front door and no security, it was awful. We also had a similar tile problem, hence the wooden floor in our lounge.
    Budg, all I can say is you’re going to love it when its done, so vasbyt!


  2. Remodeling is such a PITA. We have done so much stuff ourselves and use the ongoing joke that the money we save by doing it ourselves will likely be put into marriage counseling to survive the remodel. (-;

    Hope it’s over soon. I’m looking forward to the pics as I love to see how things turn out!


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