Letting your hair down

Often after a failed treatment (ok after each and every big treatment I’ve had fail) I decide that it’s time for us to let our hair down, to chill and get wild and remember that before we were trying to have a baby we were just people who loved each other and had fun with each other.  Time to remember that there is more to our relationship than just trying to procreate.

So it worked out just fine and dandy that my cousin’s wedding fell within a week of our failed fresh IVF # 2.  The wedding was held in the middle of the bush at a place called Bundu Lodge and when we arrived there on Friday, I was stressing for the bride and groom – it was POURING with rain… And they did not have a back up plan for the outside in the middle of the bush wedding!  Thankfully Mother Nature played nice and the sun came out in all it’s glory for their wedding day…

We really let our hair down and partied the night away.  It felt so good to just be Cliff and Sam the husband and wife, Cliff and Sam the people who loved each other, and Cliff and Sam who are more than the people they’ve become through their walk with infertility.





I wish I could rememer to be those people more often.


23 thoughts on “Letting your hair down

  1. Glad you had a bash Budg! I always find that after a major failure/disappointment to do something fun or something just for me is really healing for the soul.
    Love u!


  2. I agree that letting your hair down and getting crazy can feel good! So glad that you were able to do that. I think that sometimes we get caught up in IF that we forget who we are and we we fell in love with our husbands – it’s nice to know that you can let your hair down and remember all the good things.

    Love the picture with the flower’s in your mouths!



  3. So glad that you had fun, isn’t it nice to just be the two of you and not think of how hard your journey has been for a change? I love those times.

    I really think us chicks need another day at the SPA!!


  4. It’s so nice when you have a chance to really let your hair down and just be! I’m glad you got that chance! You looked like you had a blast!



  5. I love the picture with the flowers, so cute!

    I’m glad you are able to take a step back and remember the important things in life right now. It’s hard to do during treatment, and it’s even harder to do once you little one(s) arrive – keep up the practice! =)


  6. I’m terrible. I need to come ’round more and should have been here to support through the last cycle.

    Not trying to butter you up here, but you are gorgeous. Outside and in.


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