Where we’re at…

So we had our follow up appointment last Thursday. It was not an easy one to get through.  The first thing that Stephan said to us was this “You’re not giving up.  There are still options here and you’re not giving up.”  So at least we were on the same page of the book on that one…

I had my list all ready to ask him and as usual the man pre-empted me.  We discussed A LOT.  First on the list was the fact that we were at the point now where we needed to dig deeper and look at other tests that are not run as a standard.

Stuff like chromosonal testing for both Cliff and I.  We have a 96% chance that our chromosomes are normal but we need to have it checked out cos if  by some chance either of us fall into that 4% no amount of treatment will get us pregnant with our own eggs and sperm.  Then we headed into the HLA testing talk.  These tests are DAMN expensive!  And for a less than 1% chance of us having HLA issues it’s a big decision to make to have them done, I mean they cost R10 000.00 and Stephan told us that even then they are mostly inconclusive.  In light of this our doc feels that with our next IVF we should consider having the IVIG drip (the drip they use to treat an HLA incompatibility issue) just in case we do fall into that less than 1% bunch of people.  At R6000.00 a drip (with 2 drips needed) that is also a big thing to discuss and right now we’re first waiting for the results of the chromosonal tests before we make any decisions on this one…

The thing is that the embryologist grew on our 3 left over embies after our transfer – of the 3 only 1 went onto hatch and that worries me.  I had a big question mark with regards to our embryo quality and cos of that I have to admit that I’m now worried.  BUT for now I’ll just have to wait for the tests to come back…

We spoke about protocol change – we are done with the clomid/menopur/cetrotide combo.  From now on we’re doing menopur/cetrotide and I’ll be monitored daily to try ensure OHSS does not occur again.  He also wants me to be on metformin while I’m stimming next time round.

We discussed the clinic’s stats for PCOS patients specifically and surprisingly this is not tracked.  However our doc did say in his last 5 years at the clinic he has not seen a PCOS girl have more than 4 fresh attempts before having a success, obviously provided all the other “stuff” (my words not his) is in order…

We spoke about IVM which while tested at the clinic is not a viable option right now as the only clinic that really has had success with this treatment is in Canada.  We spoke about GIFT but my age plays against me on this one as he would not be comfortable putting anymore than 3 eggs back and that kinda defeats the point of GIFT.

Lastly we talked about when to try again.  I wanted to try end April / beginning May but he won’t do IVF with us until June.  After much thought, I know he’s right.  It’s just that I felt like we had to be “doing” something.  Something that is not waiting around.  But we’re waiting around again.  For our blood test results – and then, then only can we decide what the plan of action will be.


18 thoughts on “Where we’re at…

  1. It does sound like some serious discussion need to happen ha? And some decisions to be made? Why is it that he wants to wait? Is it to give your body a break? I found that I always felt better mentally and physically after a break…and that I felt renewed when I would start up again.
    I am thinking about you and hope you come to an answer that is best for both you and your husband. I look forward to reading on…..


  2. I don’t know if you can find this movie way out where you are… BUT try to find it… “Fly Wheel”

    I am praying for you. I cannot wait to see a post with you holding a beautiful baby… and I just KNOW I will.


  3. Wow, Sam, that is a lot of info to take in. I wish those decisions were easier and we could know that one of the tests could find that “thing” that is keeping this from working.

    We wait and wait and wait and it never gets any easier. Waiting with you and keeping you in my thoughts as you move forward.


  4. Gosh waiting til June is a long time to wait. Still praying for you hon, hoping that all the questions are answered. I would say that even though HLA is expensive, rather have it ruled out completely, than just go for iVIG, I’ve heard it destroys your immune system completely and to just have it for incase is unnessecary.


  5. Sjoe, that is a lot to take in, but at least you are proceeding and not giving up.

    Wishing you the best of luck and enjoy your little break!!

    Lots of luv.


  6. WOW Sam – so many things to think about and so long to wait. The waiting is the worst part and it seems we never get away from that. Its waiting for this or that or something all the way.
    I think you are in good hands and wait patiently (sigh) to hear what the blood test results are.
    Love you lots my friend.


  7. Baaaahhhhh! Waiting! Yuck! *takes deep breath*

    Deep breating doesn’t help…sucks hairy hairballs, the size of Jupiter hairballs!

    Yucky juck juck! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh! Blegh!

    The phobia of Dr.V telling em the same is getting the better of me…*deep breathing* Gasp, gasp….ghhhhh ghhhh…

    I think I need some tea…


  8. Hey Babe

    Can I ask? What is an HLA test? I did the Chromosone tests in December! Which came back 100% ok! But I have not heard about the HLA?

    By the way. Vl said that The medical aid will not pay for the Chromosone test, but THEY DID!! Anne sent it in and indicated Fertility on it but they still paid. (I am with Discovery). This was an extra bonus. The test were about R1200 per person.

    Good luck with all the decisions ! and waiting for your results


  9. Wow. You have a lot on your plate right now. June will be here before you know it and you can fill that time with tests. I am so sorry that you have to go through all this testing. My IF knowledge stops at IVF.. so I don’t know what a lot of that stuff is. But, you guys have time to think things over and see what tests will work the best for you, financially and otherwise. Hugs. This sucks.


  10. I am so happy that you guys aren’t giving up Sammy, and I’m so happy the Doc is on the same page as you and giving you a POA, that’s good. I’m hoping June gets here quickly for you guys, and I pray for you both.
    Love and lots and lots of hugs, A, xxxxx


  11. It sucks that you have to go through all this but your Dr. sounds like he has a good handle on things and what you should be doing next. Good luck with your testing results!



  12. totally feel ya. it’s like we become a whole new self when IF strikes and its almost impossible to get to that carefree sense of innocense you were prior.


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