Tenter Hooks

I freely admit that the panty checking and loo paper inspections are at level OBSESSIVE.  Every time I feel a little “wet” down there I rush to the loo and do the panty check.

So far so good.  No more red blood.  When I cleaned out the crinone residue this morning it did have quite a bit of brown blood in it but I’m taking brown blood as a good sign.  Previously when I’ve had brown blood it’s always turned to red blood rather quickly so again, leap of faith, I’m believing that the fact that I’ve not had anymore bleeding is a good sign.

I’m swinging on the giant pendulum regarding POAS before beta day.  I’ve only got 3 more sleeps left.  It almost seems pointless to now go and buy a HPT and pee on it.  Almost.  I’ve taken Friday off so that either way I’ll be at home to celebrate & cry or drown my sorrows and cry.  *sigh*  I know I’m overthinking this.  But the overthinking?  It’s how I cope – this is what I do in times of strife, I think and I put the pieces of the puzzle together, break it apart put it back together another way… and somehow it gets me through.

Gotta dash – panty check!

14 thoughts on “Tenter Hooks

  1. Of all my friends who have done IVF and used the Crinone? they all had a teensy bit of spotting.. b/c its such a sticky filmy mess and despite how brave and tough our infertile girly bits have to be? its still rather fragile tissues. I have a great feeling about this all. Praying for ya.




  2. Nah, thank YOU for going before me. I am scared out of my head. I just have a feeling about you… got it when I was praying for you. SO… as much as the defiant toddler in me hates agreeing with any mom… I totally get what your mom is saying. And my vote is with her. Go read my blog… the post leaning into the will of god.. at the bottom is what you need to read tonight/this morning. God’s best blessings.



  3. I’m so glad you took Friday off! So nervous for you. It certainly seems as if the days are going by so slowly. I’m also so happy that you don’t have any more red blood. Thinking of you and praying for you!


  4. I’m gald that you decided to take Friday off, whatever the news…work wont be fun at all….I’m hoping you get to celebrate 🙂

    So glad that there’s no more red blood, I’m taking it as a good sign, remember how quickly my bleed got worse, even with the progesterone. I’m very hopeful and have I told you that I have a really good feeling for ya 😉

    I agree, why ruin it now with a pee-stick….you’ve made it this far!!


  5. I’m usually a big supporter of pee early, pee often, but screw that. I say don’t pee. I don’t think I’ll be peeing through the next cycle. It only makes me crazy and won’t change the end result anyway, good or bad. I sooo hope it’s good for you, though.


  6. Thursday is your agreed POAS day! We have agreed!!! 🙂 I’m at home on Friday as well, so if you need to celebrate (which is what I’m thinking) or a shoulder, come on over!!!


  7. Oh my how nervewracking. That was smart to take the day off -I am hoping so hard you will be celebrating. Glad the bleeding stopped. I hope it stays away. I so feel you on the over-thinking as coping strategy, I’ve perfected that as well.
    I say don’t POAS for as long as you can hold out, in case it’s too early and you get upset for no reason.


  8. I am hoping like heck that the bleeding stays away. I am leaning towards, you irritated your cervix. I am glad you are taking Friday off. My friend that did her 8th transfer the same day as you has her Beta tomorrow and I convinced her to stay home too.

    I am waiting with baited breath for your result!


  9. Glad the blood let up. If the 2WW itself didn’t mess with your mind enough already, a little blood can really throw you out of whack!

    Whenever you decide to POAS or not POAS, I hope that the first stick/beta is positive.

    Good luck!


  10. Hey

    Somehow I wish it was me going for a test! But on the other hand, I think it is the most scariest part of the whole IVF for me! iThinking of you the next 3 days!! We are holding thumbs for a BFP!!!



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