To pee or not to pee…

… that is the question?  A few of you have asked if I have or am going to be peeing on a stick.  And the answer is I really don’t know.  I must be honest and admit that I am not a fan of POAS, mostly due to the fact that I am WAY to used to getting one line only and also cos I have heard many a tale of ladies who have POAS to a heartbreaking one line even after their beta’s have been confirmed.  Or those who have experienced a heart leaping two lines only to be told from their beta that it is either a chemical pregnancy or not viable.

Me?  I think I might end up just protecting my heart from any of the above mentioned eventualities but on the other hand I really do want to be prepared for what is to come.  I mean I am going to be at work again when the call comes through and the last thing I need is fall to pieces at work again if I am to be faced with a negative on this cycle.  I see many advantages to POAS.  But I also see many disadvantages to POAS.

I think it is also important to remember that my history does not really lend itself to any peeing on any form of sticks.  With IVF # 1 I started bleeding on 9DP3DT (12DPO and my CD 29 of that cycle) and with my FET I started bleeding on 10DP5DT (15DPO and my CD 34 of that cycle).  Hmmm.  So *if* I wanted to POAS this time round I would need to mix it in there somewhere between CD 29 and CD 34.  I’m supposed to test on 11DP5DT this time round.  (CD go figure 34) *sigh*  So *if* I am going to do this thing which “POAS pusher # 1” and “POAS pusher # 2” think I should it would have to be in the next few days. *knees shaking*

Gosh, overthinking this much Sam?  Yes!  And cos I am I need your opinions – what do you think I should do?  POAS?  Not POAS?  And if in your opinion I should, when?


12 thoughts on “To pee or not to pee…

  1. lol. Im’ POAS pusher #2′

    Hey, do what you feel like you need to do. I personally like to POAS because it gives me an answer for the moment. Even if it could be too early, at least right now, I knew it was negative. It helped ~me~ not obsess because i knew the answer for the day.


  2. I prefer to find out for myself rather than get bad (or good!) news from the clinic. That being said, I think POAS made the 2WW worse for IVF #2. I’m not sure what I’ll do for the next IVF cycle.

    When I do it, it’s nice to do it “too early” (9 or 10 dpo, once the trigger shot is definitely out of your system) and get a single line then test every couple of days and see if anything happens. Every other day is my version of self-control.


  3. Budg, my opinion? If you haven’t started bleeding the day before test day, POAS! Just so that you can prepare yourself for whatever the blood test results may be.
    I know I’m a total POAS addict but I’m also going to work very hard at exercising some self control in my 2ww because once you start POAS you can’t stop and then it becomes something you have to do every day and sometimes its something you have to do more than once a day and that in itself is pure torture!


  4. I agree with Sharon, if you haven’t started bleeding before the test day, then POAS, that way you’ll be better prepared. If its good news you only have to wait a day, if its bad news you have the privacy of your bathroom. As for me, I have never ever ever been able to wait. I start testing from 9DPO and then I cannot stop, I am almost always certain that the BFN’s are faulty and I just need to give it one more day, but saying that by 12PO I knew to expect AF and wasn’t suprised that I wasn’t PG. I also can’t stop looking at the damn sticks, they go with me wherever I go, just incase I see a faint line.

    The choice is yours. I still say, protect you heart as long as you can, but don’t let the call at work catch you off guard. Believe me, when it is good news, you will probably still be wreck. On second thought, can’t you take the day off?


  5. POAS. But hold out as long as you can. Maybe a day or two before the beta. It will give you some time to deal with things before that phone call comes. Bad or good… you are going to cry your eyes out. So why not do that at home? Just my opinon. But if you feel the need to protect your heart from those lines.. then hold out. It is really your choice. Good Luck my dear. When is the beta day?


  6. AAH Sam – it such a difficult one. You know my story so I don’t trust those wicked things. But have to say – I do agree with Shaz and Elize – especially since you will be at work when you get your result.
    Praying for you dear friend.XXX


  7. You know what I think about this one, I hate POAS!! I agree tho, if you haven’t started bleeding the day before your test then by all means if you think you can handle the one line thing. I personally can’t so I don’t unless I’m at least 4 days late but that’s just me.

    Also, why not wait for the result at the clinic rather, it only take 45 mins or so anyway. I do that and then decide if I can handle the office.

    Thinking of you and of-course hoping for only good news!

    Big hugs xxx


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