I feel like a bit of a junkie.  Check out the load of “stuff” I take on a daily basis!



Thats 1 x Inofolic sachet dissolved in water twice daily, 1 x Estrofem twice daily, 2 x Omega 3 & 6 Capsules twice a day, 1 x Actos once a day, 1 x Probiflora once a day, 1 x Ecotrin once a day, 1 x Folic acid once a day and of course the all time favourite 1 x Crinone in the vajayjay once a day.



10 thoughts on “Junkie

  1. I hear you Budg, sometimes at night I can’t fall alseep because I can feel all the damn pills I just swallowed sitting half way down my freaking wind pipe. Its awful but its gonna be worth it!!!!


  2. I second that, it’s gonna be worth it sweetie. Well done on transferring three, I have a good feeling for you. I’m praying so hard.

    Big big hugs as always xxx


  3. This is what I get for being too sick to check blogs – I missed so much!! Congrats on the transfer going well. No wonder your stomach is a wreck- look at all that crap you are taking. The prog gives me terrible gastro symptoms, maybe that’s adding to yours. I’m hoping your symptoms don’t go away (sorry) but morph into pregnancy symptoms!!!!!


  4. Awwww, hun, the meds/vitamins aren’t fun…I know. But hopefully they are all going to be *so* worth it very, very soon! =)


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