I *heart* Immodium!

Immodium is truly my hero right now. 

After our transfer yesterday, I came home and on doctors orders popped two immodium, took a load off and drank loads of water and slept.  A couple of gypo guts later (and one immodium after each one) and I started to feel like I was lifting out of the fog of the mild OHSS smptoms that had gripped me for the last 4 days.  I was beginning to feel like Sam again.

I even mustered up the energy to put a lamb stew in the slow cooker so that Cliff would not have to cook for himself for the 5th night straight.  I held down more than one slice of dry toast.  I could literally feel myself getting better.

Last night I ate my first real solid meal in 5 days and did not suffer the consequences of my actions.

This morning I woke up feeling weak but with NO gypo guts!  Glory be!  At 1DP5DT I’m feeling SO much better and feel like I am now ready to tackle this 2ww.

The one pro of this horrid time?  I lost 4.5 kgs in 4 days, so as Nancy said managed to avoid the IVF weight gain.  Of course I’m now hoping that I get some weight gain of the baby kind going on 😉


10 thoughts on “I *heart* Immodium!

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better, dear!!! And the weight loss? ALWAYS an added perk… especially if you do gain, say some 25-35 lbs, sometime over the next 9 months. 😉
    Thinking positively!


  2. I am glad you are feeling so much better today! Immodium is great stuff unless it makes you constipated! That’s always my fear when I took it. But, it got me through college cafeteria food for 4 years!


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