Why on earth did I think that anything could be easy?  This morning I woke up elated by the fact that I only had to get up once during the night and hopeful that my gypo guts would control themselves for long enough for me to not make a complete mess of things in the transfer room.

Showered and ready to go, I expect to get into Cliff’s car and it’s locked.  So I ask nicley open please… and he says “it is open.”  I tried three times and it did not open.  Then he walks over thinking his battery in the central locking has gone and opens it up with his key.  Hmmm.  Alarm bell #1 goes off.  “Hon, lets just take my car.”  “No, No, I’ll just jump start it while we’re rolling down the road.”  Double Hmmmm.  Alarm bell # 2 goes off.  “Erm, ok”.  Well suffice it to say that the jump start by rolling backwards downhill in our complex did not get the car started.  So now the car won’t start and our car is in the middle of the road in our complex.  Lurvely.  Cliff gets my car and we try to jump start the car with jumper leads.  Nada nothing it’s bloody dead.  *sigh*  This would not have happened if we had just taken my car!  Then at 06h40 in the morning we had to push his big ass heavy car to the verge and drive to the clinic in my car anyway… (It took tremendous self restraint BUT I held back the I told you so, we’d already had “harsh” words in the above exchange anyway, we really did not need more.)

Get to clinic, rush to loo in case I need to go and nothing.  Yeeha!  Success (yeah right!)  Went into see Stephan and before I can launch into my well prepared case as to why we should transfer 3 if we have 3, He’s like “so what do you think about transferring 3?”.  It seems he also believes with our past history and the fall off rate of this lot of embryo’s that 3 was the way to go.  We still had 5 going today.  Two very slow growing quite sad looking embies, but 3 amazing excellent quality blastocysts! 

Down to the ward to start filling my bladder.  And that is where the wheels started to fall off.  The more water I was drinking to fill my bladder (a much required tool when it comes to ET) the more I felt like my tummy needed to go.  Two false starts later, I finally had to go and lost some of my hard filled urine in the process.  After explaining the delicate situation to the sister she called Stephan who came down to have a look see.  Bladder not nearly full enough to do transfer.  He was concerned that the runny tummy was not good.  Checked me out – pitter pattered on my tummy with his hands (tender over ovaries nothing over stomache) listened to the insides with a stethoscope and said we needed to fill up super quick and do transfer as quickly as possible after I was full.  I had to lie down in the retrieval beds and fill up.  I was terrified that I was going to shart in my dear doctors face.

Finally it was go time and before transfer they checked our little ones again and the embryologist was over the moon with them – in the 3 1/2 hours we were wiating to fill my bladder they had continued to grow and were looking according to her amazing!  Then Stephan had to battle my kinky cervix and my clentched butt cheeks and our beautiful embabies were put back where they belong.

At our clinice we don’t get pics of the embies they transfer but they do give you a pic of the scan as they transfer them and you see the “flash”.  When they handed the print out to me the shape of my ute around the flash of the embies looked just like a baby forming and the flash looked like it’s eye.  Now I’m not normally into looking for signs where there are none but it seems too good a sign to ignore right?  We test on Friday the 13th 😉

We’re optimistic that this might just be it.


18 thoughts on “Threeeeeee!!!!

  1. Oh what a day!
    Your story had me smiling all the way through. IVF is really such a black comedy. The most basic bodily functions become common place. Really, the time when you just want to be in bed close to the loo, with no-one in the house…….. you are lying on a table wuth your nakkid butt in the Dr’s face. Ha, the things we do in the name of baby creation.
    Well done!


  2. Sounds terrible and wonderful all rolled into one! So Im guessing test day is a tad earlier due to a 5 day transfer? Good luck with the 2ww!! xxx


  3. “I was terrified that I was going to shart in my dear doctors face.” Oh. Gawd. Horrid and Hilarious all at the same time. This is, in fact, what my fear for you was upon reading your post yesterday….

    so glad no sharting occured.

    So so glad you embies are so gorgeous!


  4. Thanks for the company this morning Budg, I, for one, am grateful it took you sooo long to fill your bladder.
    Hang in there for the crazy 2ww!
    Hoping and praying!


  5. 3!!! That is wonderful. I am glad they all look so great. Sorry about your tummy troubles. I hope you are feeling better. Hope your TWW goes quickly and has a wonderful postive result!!



  6. OMW! Ha, ha…nothing like a little car trouble to fuel the pre-transfer panic. Sounds like one of the many horrid imaginations (i.e. ovulating before retrieval) I have the day before retrieval or transfer.

    Thank goodness there was the good’l sturdy backup!

    3 Embies onboard! Happy days!


  7. I am so glad you got the transfer done.
    Can I confess that this story made me LOL? I had one IUI I will never forget when my stomach was just awful and I was completely horrified that I was going to crap right there on the table, in the dr’s face. I was MORTIFIED of the horror. Or at the very least fart. I managed to save it until after he left the room, but I will NEVER FORGET the horrible feeling. That’s why I can laugh now, eh?
    Praying that this one does the trick… or two… or three.


  8. Oooh-eee.



    I’m conditioned to get all nervous hearing that. I apologise. I really really hope this pans out just beautifully for you.

    Much love,



  9. Gosh you seem to have had some excitement the morning of your ET!!!glad you did not let it freak you out too much, challenges, challenges but it all worked out in the end.

    So good to hear that everything has gone well and that you have 3 good blasts back on board the mothership. All the very best for your 2ww.


  10. Good job done in the face of tremendous danger, Sam! Must confess to giggling just a little. Glad the embies went safely back and may time go as fast as possible to your positive result.


  11. Remember Friday the 13th is a Good Luck Day!!! I’m praying for you my Friend!!!

    Off to Church for Special Prayers tomorrow morning at 6:00am!!! For all my IF sisters!!!

    Cheering you on and praying that your little blasts are listening to Mommy and the honourary aunties and implanting and nestling in!!!!



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