Crazy Last Few Days…

I sure fell down from the euphoria of our ER and great fert report with alarming alacrity.  On Thursday evening I woke up to side splitting cramps and probably the most hectic diahrea I have experienced in my adult life.  I was literally rolling on the bathroom floor crying (and we know that I’m the girl who does.not.cry) the cramps were SO SORE.  I am by no means a poop when it comes to pain (I have an extremely high pain threshold) but holy moly.  These reduced me to a quivering mass.

On Friday I had to call in sick again sparking an onslaught from my boss about how I was supposed to be at work that day and I told him the “op” I was going in for was a minor one and that I would be back in the swing of things already (I really expected to be – my last ER was a breeze).  I slept for most of the day and even missed Cliff’s call letting me know that we had lost the 3 possibles overnight but that our 7 were still going strong.  I missed several texts and messages from friends.  When I was not on the loo or the bathroom floor I was in bed sleeping like the dead.  At first I thought CRINONE BE DAMNED cos I saw on the package insert that one of the major side effects is cramping, but there was no mention of runny tummy’s so I had to discount that.  Then I freaked out cos oh my gosh how on earth can I be battling bloody GASTRO right now!  It’s a mere 2 or 3 days before transfer and I CANNOT HAVE AN IMMUNOLOGICAL WAR WAGING IN MY BODY.

I was feeling extremely sorry for myself internets, I’m not going to lie.  I felt like shit all day and could not really take anything but buscopan and panado to help ease the pain.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and I was still feeling like absolute crap.  On our way to the clinic to chat to our wonderful doc Stephan, he called us to say that we should go for a nice breakfast somewhere and bypass the clinic.  We had 2 x perfect 8 cells and 2 x perfect 6 cells and 1 x good looking 5 – 6 cell and he really felt that in order to “crack this one” we needed to push through to day 5 for transfer.  Thats when I asked him about the gastro and he told me in no uncertain terms that it was my lovely PCOS ovaries getting me back in no uncertain terms for making them work so bloody hard over the last couple of weeks.  *sigh*  I was told to take it REALLY easy – drink loads of water and keep them happy by lying down as much as possible until Monday.

I went for my last chiropractic appointment before transfer and did get some relief from the ovaries from that. And was then the worst company for my two friends M and Shaz at coffee cos I was still feeling so lousy.  (Yes I clearly don’t know what take it REALLY easy means) and then just slept the rest of Saturday away with the odd page of reading thrown in.

Today I was feeling much better (I only got up three times last night for the loo & cramps) and thought I would make it to church but a nice feeling of passing out stopped that idea.  So today I really have taken it SUPER easy and my ovaries they are thanking me for it.  Still battling the odd bout of gypo guts but I think that is to be expected.  Dry toast and water are my new best friends and I’m just praying that we get to transfer some beautiful babies tomorrow morning.

Cliff and I discussed this today and if we have them, we really would like to put 3 back.  Obviously we’ll discuss this with Stephan tomorrow (our clinic does not like tranferring more than 2 for women 30 and younger unless it’s a case of FET or poorer quality embies) BUT with our history of never having achieved a pregnancy before and the fact that *if* we are lucky enough to have all 3 take that we’ll deal with that and be overjoyed at the HUGE blessing we really want to discuss this option to it’s fullest.

So that’s where we’re at.  Transfer tomorrow!  And the start of the dreaded 2ww hopefully with the best news ever.

Thank you for the continued prayers,  good vibes, thumb holding, whatever it is you do.  The support is SO very much appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Crazy Last Few Days…

  1. Ohhhh…I’m so so sorry about your case of the runs. 😦 Gah. It all comes on at once, eh? I hope you feel tons better tomorrow and get to transfer a few cream of the crop embryos that will leave your stomach upset in another way for at least the next few months. 😉 And I mean that in the best possible way.


  2. Oh bummer. The GI issues sound terrible! Hey, look at the bright side, at least you won’t be gaining IVF weight like most of us do?

    Wishing you tons of luck for your embies!


  3. I’m so sorry you were feeling sick! I’m glad you’re feeling better though!. good luck for tomorrow. Really hoping this will be all worth it for you!


  4. Hope you feel MUCH better tomorrow!
    Praying that tomorrow goes well. Really a sense of that ‘ peace that passes human understanding’.
    I was 29 when I had 3 embryos put back, my FS thought it the right decision. My son was born 9 mnths later. Go for it!!
    Thinkng of you.x


  5. Oh Sam! That sucks!!!! I sure hope you are feeling better and am hopeful and praying for a good transfer tomorrow.
    PCOS ovaries be damned!


  6. Boo ovaries, don’t you know your job is done? Make way for the uterus to be in charge now!

    Good luck tomorrow! (Or, thanks to the time difference, maybe it’s already happened by now?!?)


  7. holy moly. how retched. utterly utterly awful. sorry buddy, and don’t hate me…but PLEASE do not put three back. just don’t. at your age it’s dangerous. the chances of a horrible outcome don’t just triple they go up expontentially-as in times 20x….you could lose the entire pregnancy. and what if one splits…then you have four. unless you are committed to SR if three take.
    that’s my assivce and know matter what, i am sure things will work out.
    i am tempted to delete this ’cause i don’t want to step on your toes…but i also don’t want you to get pregnant with trips. i just don’t.
    try not to hate me.


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