Stairs to Heaven??

A while back I mentioned that we were looking into re-doing our stairs in our house.  As some of my RL friends can attest to, our stairs are WAY STEEP.  I have often nearly gone tumbling down these stairs and we have finally decided to take the plunge.  We’re making them new and much less steep.

We signed off the drawings yesterday and now our new stairs are in production!  Exciting stuff… And yet another thing that will hopefully help keep my mind off our upcoming 2ww 😉 (method to my madness dear hearts, method to my madness)

This is what they currently look like!

img_2601From our lounge seeing the whole staircase

img_2591From the top of the stairs looking down – yikes right?

img_2596From the bottom of the stairs looking up


We’re looking forward to the new stairs! img_2598


12 thoughts on “Stairs to Heaven??

  1. OK, blonde question – HOW are you making them less steep? Unless you are cutting away at the wall or raising them somehow? Just trying to imagine it? ha ha Im such a blonde!


  2. Do we get to see a picture of the new stairs once they go in? That would make a great show and tell post.

    Congrats on the great retrieval/fertilization results. Hoping the @WW brings incredible news.


    BTW, love the bent over pic…hehe.


  3. Hey, Sorry I have been on to comment this week! I have been sooo busy but, I honestly signed on just to see your update.

    The Fert Report sounds great! So when do you transfer?? I am so excited, anxious, ….. well… everything for you. I have a dear friend who is doing her 8th transfer tomorrow and got the best fert report she ever had.. so I am thinking.. two for two.. it’s both of your times!!

    As for the stairs.. Yeah very steep… But also very cool! I LOVE the style! And husband’s picture is hysterical!! Have fun with the construction!


  4. Man, our stairs are so not that steep and I still trip or fall on them sometimes. Glad you are about to make that change.

    Here via ICLW, wanting to wish you great success and positive test results.


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