Technical 10/11

Sjoe, I’m so glad that the call to the lab is done for today.  I really think that the wait to call them is the worst part of an IVF.

We’ve got 7 normal ferts and 3 possibles.  So a technical 10 out of 11.  I’m so darn happy, scared, nervous, hopeful, excited all at the same time.

Gotta call again tomorrow and see how our embabies are doing…

This process is a ride for sure!


15 thoughts on “Technical 10/11

  1. KUP!!! This is the most exciting and scarey part of the IVF!!! Aside from the hell of the 2ww of course! Hell who am I kidding, you know you’ve got balls of steel if you can survive an IVF its all hell! 🙂


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