Seven + Four = Eleven!


Proof that when push comes to shove I can count! 😉

That’s what we got today my lovlies – 11 lovely eggs.  I’m feeling a little tender but happy that we got a good number of eggs.  I’m really hoping that the 11 we have are excellent quality.  Now the tenterhook wait starts until we get to call the lab for our fert report.  I hate this part.  It feels like pure torture not to know immediately how many embies you got. 

Please continue with your good vibes, postive thoughts, prayers, thumb holding etc.


16 thoughts on “Seven + Four = Eleven!

  1. Fabulous, Sam!! Now, have Cliff wait on you hand and foot for the rest of the week, month, year. (And if you could somehow convince John Dear to do the same, I’d be grateful. 😉 )


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