How weird is this?  I was just looking at the dates for the month of March (doing my staff rosters in fact) and I just realised something really weird…

March and February 2009 have exactly the same days… like the first is a Sunday, the second is a Monday and so on and so forth.  We have had a Friday the 13th in February 2009 and now we’re going to head into another Friday the 13th in March… Totally bizarre!

I wondered to myself how often that kind of thing has happened so of course had to consult Mr Google.  This will happen if February’s 13th day falls on a Friday and it is not a leap year.  I thought it was pretty interesting.

What bizarre things have struck *YOU* today??

6 thoughts on “Bizarre!

  1. Bizarre than the NOT “potty-trained” puppy sleeps through the night but the puppy that is “potty-trained” wakes us up to go outside every night. Okay, so not very interesting but I did ponder it while I was standing outside in a towel the dark and cold at 2am while my puppy chooses just the perfect spot on the lawn.


  2. Sorry, had a bizarreless day. How boring! Ur’s is pretty good though. Would have never spotted myself….omw! just used the forbidden word…sorry…would’ve never noticed myself…


  3. Something else that’s weird…November 2009 has the same pattern as Feb and Mar 09 – so it means that we are going to have 3 Friday 13ths this year…

    Dunno why Nov follows the same pattern

    Now you have something else to go and google 🙂



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