Oh my aching ovaries!

IVF # 2 has literally flown by in the blink of an eye!  Sometimes it seems so bloody unreal to me that we’re this far along into the process and that we’re busy with FRESH IVF # 2!!  Flipping heck…

Apologies for the lack of updates, but honestly, I really did not think that the daily grind of follies growing on left and right and endo checks was thrilling reading.  But things have been going well thus far and I have follies.  Nice fat (but not too fat) follies.  At the final scan this morning, we saw that we have 4 on the LHS and about 5 – 6 on the RHS.  So my last burny stingy injection will be at 19h30 tonight.  (How apt – just as Grey’s starts!)  Trigger time!  ER on Wednesday.  I’m hoping for 8 – 12 eggs.  And if my aching ovaries are anything to go by I think we’ll get em.

We’re definitely going to be doing a day 5 transfer this time round – the only thing that will be changing this cycle.  I’m really praying that this is the variable we need to finally get our BFP and a healthy baby.

Wish me luck dearhearts!


17 thoughts on “Oh my aching ovaries!

  1. WOW!! That came up fast!! ER on Wednesday!! I can’t belive it. I am praying sooo hard for you. I have such a good feeling!!

    Take care and relax (yeah right). Ekkk.. I am so excited for you to be at this point!


  2. Thinking of you and praying for peace of mind as you approach ER and the next set of challenges.
    Look after yourself, be kind to yourself and your hubby.
    Really hoping this is the one for you!!!!!!!


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