Valentines Day

How are you all spending your Valentines day? 

Cliff and I have never been especially “romantic” as a couple, and honestly I really feel that I know my husband loves me – everyday.  And one day a year is just not enough for him to show it in outlandishly expensive manners.  Valentines to me = money making racket.

However I do enjoy seeing the little emails and clever advertising campaigns that generally happen around this time of year.   The SA organ donor organisation ran an excellent campaign that I just loved.  (I’m a donor btw, I really hope the link works its stunning!)

And I got these from a family member – they are truly South African so I’ll try and explain for my international readers…  Most of them are puns on Afrikaans words and the humour is more than likely going to get lost in translation so bear with me… For the SAFFA’s enjoy some true Souf Effrikan Valentyns fun…


(Boerewors is the most amazing sausage you will ever eat in your life!  It is a SA staple at a braai (barbeque) and “smaak” means to taste to to like someone.)


(Lekker means nice)  Truly SA humour at it’s best  – nice like a cracker… )


(Pomp is slang for ” S E X ” – this is really funny!! “Smaak” {fancy/ like etc} a Bang??  Hahaha, erm *cough*)


(“Tjerrie” means girlfriend or “main sqeeze”)


So!  However you’re spending the day of lurve, I hope you enjoy it – get loved up get loved down.  But most of all – have a blast and internets – you can all be my “tjerries”.



9 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. cute cards. thanks for the explanation for us internationals!
    DH and I went to dinner last night ( a day early) since we have a birthday party today. Thats right. Who has a birthday party on Valentine’s Day? But other than that, I am laying around with my feet up eating the fabulous chocolates that DH gave me!!


  2. We aren’t big on V-day either. I much prefer my hubby just doing it on his own without all the big hoopla and reminders. (-;

    Loved the organ donation ad. So cute……And thanks for the explanations on the SA cards. I would have been lost. (-;

    Happy Heart’s Day, Sam!!!


  3. I love Valentines day, not the commercial side of it, but the sentiment and W never disappoints! This year, even though he’s not here, he wrote me a beautiful letter and hid it in his cupboard for me to find yesterday.
    I love that man, he’s always so thoughful it takes my breathe away.

    Hope you had a great day budg!


  4. HI…

    Just wanted to say thanks for the giggle this morning… sparrow farts… I’d never heard that one before. In my family it’s referred to as the ‘butt-crack of dawn’



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