It’s oh so quiet…

Shhhhh!  Shhhhh!  And peaceful until…. I come back!!!

Part of my quietness was completely unintentional last week – I have been having countless issues with my internet connection… it allows me to log on in the morning so I can chat on msn and then read some blogs and then poof!  It disconnects and keeps on giving me an error 619 message.  Now I googled error 619 and was comforted to see that there was a patch that could be downloaded to fix it – the only hitch was this – you have to be logged onto the internet to download it right?  And error 619 – it was not allowing any connection to the cyber world for quite some time… I’ve downloaded it over the weekend so lets hope that it works – this being quiet is not for me!

Then, on the work front I’ve taken over  a new department – and the politics and bullshit there has been keeping me really busy as well – so unlike before when I was bored stiff at work with nothign to do but read blogs and write entertaining ditty’s here, I now actually have to work for my salary… highly bloody inconvenient but  I guess a girls got to do what a girls got to do….

Then of course we have the official countdown to that thing that we’re doing in February.  You know, the thing that starts with an I and ends in an F.  I’ve actually been fine leading up to this treatment, but now that the time to start is literally around the corner and just about to knock on the front door?  I’m getting a bit scared and anxious.  I’m still excited (just not in a farting rainbows way remember) and hopeful that this will finally be IT, but the feelings of fear are starting to creep in.  Besides from telling the internet that we’re busy with that thing, we’ve been really really selective about how knows the deets on the process this time round.  I just honestly can’t answer daily questions from plenty of people in RL who actually don’t give a damn. 

But questions and support from you peeps?  BRING IT ON!

AF is due to visit on 09th or 10th of Feb so that’s the big day for that thing that we’re doing this month.  Thank heavens I’m seeing my therapist tomorrow to try and sort out some of this angst before it’s showtime 😉


10 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet…

  1. Welcome back!! Missed your posts!

    Funny thing that – working for your salary hey! Hehehe.

    Good luck with work and with that thing ….. ending with an F.


  2. Damn, I’m also of the opinion one should not have to work too hard for a salary! Damn them for interfering in our chat time.
    All the best for your IVF budg, you deserve the best!
    Luv u!


  3. Hey, My computer was all messed up too! I am so excited for you guys to get started. THat is under two weeks away!!!

    I am praying for you and wishing you all the luck in the world!!


  4. Welcome back! Computer problems totally suck.

    I feel you on the anxious part of it. We’re in the middle of our cycle and I still can’t bring myself to really deal with (or blog) about it. Sometimes it really is just too much.

    Hang in there and keep moving forward. You will get there, hun.


  5. Good luck with that thing u r suppose to be starting this month.
    U r constantly in my thoughts & prayers & thinking about you plenty.

    Keep well my friend.


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