All aboard…

*Huge sigh of relief* 

A while back I emailed my darling doc to let him know that we’ve had enough of this taking a break thing and that we were ready to jump back into the IVF saddle in February of 2009 and asked him if there was anything I should do in preparation for the upcoming big deal… He mailed me back and asked that I come in on my January cycle for a quick scan and blood work update to ensure that my PCOS ovaries are still behaving themselves and for Cliff to do a swim up and morph to ensure that all is well on his side…

So on Tuesday we both woke up before sparrows fart and headed off for the clinic.   It  sounds silly but I was nervous, I mean I know the deal right – put name on list, go to McDonalds on the corner of Rivonia road and order tea to drink while you wait for the scanning to start.  Get name called, walk into scan room, pop off panties, hop on bed, say hi to dildocam and doc, scan, hop off bed, wipe, put on panties and head out for further instructions right.  AND I knew my ovaries were behaving cos well duh,  I’ve been on the pill to ensure they are not partying it up in there!    Anyway, I digress, went in for my scan – lining 3.8, quiet on the left, quiet on the right.  Right Sam start clometephine Day 4 – HOLD THE BUS!!!!  Major confusion ensued as I explained we were just there for the pre IVF check – and then major panic as I had to check with Cliff if he did want to start right away ( I mean the option was being handed to us on the plate there chaps, it warranted a discussion while I wiped the goo at least).  We finally decided that we’re moving ahead as originally planned.

Cliff’s SA has come back good too, so right now internets marks the beginning of the count down to fresh IVF # 2!  ONe more pack of BCP and then we’re heading into this water again… Expect the ride to start 09th or 10th Febuary 2009!!!

All aboard!


24 thoughts on “All aboard…

  1. Oh boy!

    There’s a lot of switcheroo with IVF, either starting suddenly or more often postponing or canceling. Hope this is the only attempted switcheroo you get.


  2. I’ve always wondered why your clinic does a clomid protocol- I guess it saves some of the expensive FSH unjections,…perhpas it’s a national difference in methods.

    The greatest of good luck- come feb, and not right now 😉



  3. My heart skipped a beat when I got to the part that you might start straight away…and then I read on 😉 Funny how you cycling again makes me nervous…weird…

    You know that I’ll be with you all the way when the time comes sweetie….sorry I’ve been missing from your blog so long, I’m busy catching up 🙂

    Love and hugs always xxx


  4. I think I may start using the term “dildocam” (though I’ve only had one encounter so far, but it was memorable as hubby almost passed out during the exam).

    This is so exciting for you. Good luck!


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