What a Loser!!!

Big up to  fellow wordpress blogger Michael for giving me the heads up!  Some loser has been stalking wordpress bloggers and literally reposting their posts on his own Blogger blog… *sigh*

Check it out! 


Sounds vaguely familiar no?  I have left him a scathing comment as well as reported him to Blogger but come on – seriously?  Why on earth would you start a blog if you can’t find anything orginal to say?  I know that as bloggers we put ourselves and our thoughts, words etc out there for losers like this to find and use but seriously?  Surely there is something that can be done to stop blatant plagerism like his?  Has anyone else ever had an experience like this and what did you do to stop it from happening again? (Other than reporting the ass wipe and leaving a scathing comment?)

Assvise welcome on this one Internets!


20 thoughts on “What a Loser!!!

  1. The part that made me laugh the most was not that he’d even copied your post, I mean, mimmicry is flattery right? But the fact that he was to lazy to even take your name out of the post and insert his own name just blows my friggin mind.
    I mean really???!!!!


  2. Unbelievable!!! I would like to see him pregnant!!! He is not very bright if the piece that he copies does not even relate to a man, albeit to him!!

    Maybe a lawyer’s letter to him?


  3. I suppose someone just got the hang of how to *Copy* and *Paste*… I just can’t believe that someone will actually copy someone else’s emotions and thoughts, come on he really needs a life


  4. His posts are all sorts of random plagiarized tidbits. I tried Googling some phrases of them and found a couple of other matches:



    The burglar’s blog is full of ads, so I’m guessing it’s a pure revenue thing.

    This detective work is kind of fun, but I’m sorry that it happened to you.

    What if all of us report him to Blogger?


  5. Yeah I agree, it’s obviously a revenue thing. You should take his link off your page so that he does not benefit from all the hits he’ll be getting. KWIM? Or he should at least link back to your blog.


  6. All of the written content on his blog has been stolen from WordPress bloggers. Saddest of all, the idiot has three additional Blogger sites – also, all with content stolen from WordPress bloggers.

    Blogger however, is partially to blame, since it makes it difficult to report jerks like that. I had to wade through tons of “help” screens to figure out who to file a complaint with.

    Like Sam said… *SIGH*


  7. Sadly you can no longer leave comments there; I tried and couldn’t get a screen. What a jerkhole! I agree with the commenter who said it was probably a revenue thing but still, that’s a sucky thing to do. Sorry you got caught up in it.

    My public family blog is over at wordpress…wonder how safe all my info is?


  8. I am guessing he doesn’t care what it is posted, he just wants to get the ad money. Stealing makes it look like a legit blog at first glance.


  9. I have never ever heard of anyone doing that. That’s f*g insane. What the hell? As for what to do… hmmm.. that’s tough??

    However, if he’s got ads, we could report him to the ad company who probalby doesn’t want to pay him for non-original content?


  10. WOW, this is very low. Sadly, by all of us visiting his blog, he can show his ad people that much more traffic to his blog. Please do post the WordPress response when they reply to you. I’d like to know how they handle this.


  11. how STRANGE. I mean, really strange. I get, you know, reporters stealing each other’s articles, they’re being paid for their work, but blogs…? Also, how much does he want to trade identities with an infertile woman? I would not have expected that…opens up a whole new window on our little experience here 🙂


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