Gypo Guts


I’m doing my damndest to fight off illness on two fronts here.  On Christmas eve last year ( how weird does that sound?) I started coming down with a “flu” bug that Cliff had been fighting the previous two weeks.  It was not flu in the proper sense of the word – more phlegm and mucous and a sore throat but I could feel it attacking my body.  I got extremely bad post nasal drip and the mucous just would not budge no matter what I did to get rid of it.  Hocking it out (most unladylike I know but what’s a girl to do?) did not work, blowing it out (and nearly exploding my head with the exertion of this exercise) did not work, sitting over a steaming pot of Olbas and hot water (mini facial – bonus) did not work and getting my reflexologist to work on my mucous points did not move it either. 

So I’ve been battling it for a while now – taking antihystemines, blowing, hocking, taking herbal remedies you name it.  It’s still there.  Then on Friday I started getting a nasty case of gypo guts.  So add to the mix, snot and gypo guts – not a pretty picture at all.

I’m exhausted, if I could I would fall asleep right now typing this… Well only 5 more hours of work to go and then I can go home…


13 thoughts on “Gypo Guts

  1. Oh no Budg! This does not sound good at all, and certainly the bug thats taking so long to get rid of. Perhaps you need an antibiotic to clear it? I know not ideal when prepping for an IVF but you don’t want to start your cycle sick either.
    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Oh No Sunshine that sucks hairy balls (hee hee)!! Unfortunately I had the exact same thing as you and the only thing that took it away was a double course of Ketek antibiotics, the Dr said it is a particularly nasty bug doing the rounds! As for the gypo’s good luck with that, I am hoping you feel better soon!

    My advice: plenty of rest, rehydrate, olive leave extract, Probiflora intensive probiotics (sorts out your tum quick quick)!

    I know this is grim but I also had they gypos with my flu and the Dr said it’s from the post nasal drip and the mucous upsetting your tummy!!

    Thinking of you!!


  3. Dude, you need to rest, seriously!


    On the couch, on the TV, over the duvet, do nothing. Absolutely nothing, nada, niks, zigarol, zit.

    Just beeeeeeee……

    And on that note, I don’t think you should be running around with lady friends after work in your condition Mrs. Young!

    In bed, NOW!

    2 remedies for the drippy nose: ACC 200 or Nasacor

    Get better soon!



  4. Maybe antibiotics will do the trick, I don’t know how you feel about them though, I’m quite a stubborn bitch when it comes to those, I like to get better by myself! But you are doing IVF soon, and I honestly know very little bout meds and IVF. So maybe just take it one day at a time, and if it goes into your chest, then antibiotics it is, otherwise some R and R and lots of vits and herbs!


  5. Hope you feel better soon my friend. Chat to Dr V at VL and see what he recommends you take before your upcoming cycle?
    Take care of you and get some rest.


  6. Dude, I have that sinus thing too and it suuuuucks. How does a nose run AND feel stuck at the same time? And how is this superbug attacking two continents at once?! Totally not fair.

    Feel free to tell me to fly a kite if you’ve done this: saline lavage always helps me unblock the stuck side of my nose. It’s so gross but it works! I snarf up a palmful of sterile saline (you can use the plain saline for contact lenses…make sure it’s just saline though, no soap!) and keep it in my nose as long as I can. Then I blow and blow. Normally it cleans me out. I feel like I’ve snorted the ocean but I can breathe again. Worth it if I’m really miserable.

    I hope you feel better soon, chicky!



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