Hmmmm, not to bad sweetie

A whle ago I saw a post that Karly did on light painting and was dying to try it… BUT I felt like my photography skills might not be *quite* up to it…

On New Years Eve (Old Years Eve dependant on what you call it) when we were in heaven bringing in the new year watching wildebeest frolic on the plains while the storm built above them, our nephews were given glow sticks and sparklers to play with – so I though – light painting!  Time to try it!  So I took out the camera set the shutter speed to super slow and viola – my first attempt at light painting!



I think they came out ok, but I’m going to practice some more… have you ever tried it?  I would love to see your attempts…


11 thoughts on “Hmmmm, not to bad sweetie

  1. Stunning pics Sam. I took a few of these a while ago, accidently with the wrong setting on my camera! I’ll send them to you for a laugh, they’re really UGLY! Not pretty like yours at all! 🙂


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