Some things I love about you.

  • I love your eyes.  They are really a stunning colour.
  • You have HOT legs, in fact I think I fell in love with your legs before I fell in love with *you*.
  • I love that you make me tea every morning – even if we’ve had a fight the night before.
  • I love that you’re so gentle with our dogs – it shows me what kind of father you’re going to be someday.  A great one btw.
  • I love that we can be silly together.
  • I love that you’re so freaking scared of bats and moths.  It gives me the giggles.
  • You have a great sense of “fair play”.  That’s a great quality to have.
  • I love (even though I tease you about it) that you’re a “Mommy’s boy”.  Men who treat their Mother’s well treat their wives well.
  • I love that you’re so stable.  Growing up in a mostly unstable household means stability is really important now.
  • I love that you’re sticking by me during this infertiltiy rollercoaster ride.  Not all men do.
  • I love that you love me – I’m not easy to love a lot of the time.

These are just some of the things I love about you.  You are the best thing that happened to me.  Despite what you might think – you do things right all the time.

I love you.  Mostest.  More than Mostest.  The Most.


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