Too Old for this…

It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday.  After working my ass off last week, getting everything sorted out from while I was away on holiday, as well as sorting out several functions for the week, I thought I deserved to go out with my sister to celebrate her birthday on Friday night after making sure my 3 functions that night were all going well.

I met up with her on her side of town (she lives in Pretoria – about a 40 minute drive from where I live) and we had a bottle of champers to celebrate her coming of age and then we decided that we were moving onto a nightclubby place called Firkins.  We were joined by our 23 year old cousin and her boyfriend and man alive can those kids party up a storm.  (Claire my cousin kept on reminding me that she learnt from the best  ie: Moi).  We walked into the club and immediately ordered a tequila.  Then we ordered a TVR – tequila, vodka and red bull.  That stuff sounds foul but trust me it is delish and tastes like more!

We danced, we drank, we laughed, I did backbends on the dance floor. 

I stopped drinking at midnight cos someone had to be sober enough to drive us home (please no moaning about the fact that I should not have driven home at all – I *know* that, however we have no public transport system in our country and it was sober up enough to drive or sleep in my car in the parking lot outside the dodgy club – not an option at all…) and finally at 03h30 when we were literally the last people in the club, I walked everyone out and tried to get us home.  BUT my sister (bless her soul) was happy, she was so happy that she kept on jumping out the car at the red traffic lights to say Hi to everyone. *sigh*  Finally when I threatened to kill her with blunt objects she stayed in the car, we got to her house and then started the hunt for the house keys.  At 03h45 in the morning!  With no light and no help from the giggling gerties I had transported home.  My cousin fell into the hedge and left a huge dent in it.  My sister fell on her butt leaving a HUGE bruise and myself and my cousin’s boyfriend.  We were trying to keep them upright, keep them quiet, keep the puppy quiet and find the right keys to get inside the house.

Finally we made it inside!  Success!!!  Only to have to fight to get them both into their jammies and into bed…

I had a great time but I’ve realised that I’m getting too old for this…  Thank goodness it only happens once a year!


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