Bad Driving linked to Cars being Driven?

I always used to think this little ditty was a falacy.  I mean how on earth can the way a person drives be directly liked to the car that they drive?  You’re either a good or a bad driver right?  But the more I drive on the roads in this stunning country I live in the more I am seeing what others see.  I can even see it with my own family. 

Let me give you an example.  I love my husband dearly.  But he is a bit of an annoying person to drive in a car with in traffic.  He is a good driver.  But because he is a good driver he believes that he and *only* he knows how to drive.  So if someone is being an impatient arsehole behind him he’ll speed up when they try and overtake him.  He’ll not let people in if they do not indicate to move across into the lane (totally hypocritical btw cos he hardly EVER uses his indicators – one of my MAJOR pet hates), he calls people arseholes and dickheads etc in traffic.  And most of the time by the time we’ve reached our destination I need a bottle glass of wine to recover cos my nerves are shot.  Before Cliff bought his Tuscon, he used to drive a Ford focus.  I’ve noticed that his “bullish” behaviour in the car is a LOT more pronounced now that he drives a Tuscon than a Focus.  See where I’m heading here?

Even my Mom – the best and most wonderful Mom in the world has been laid victim to this crazy phenomenon.  She used to drive a VW Jetta.  And she was cool in the car.  Sometime’s she even drove like the Granny she is.  BUT then!  She got a BMW, and the world tilted on it’s axis cos she became the alter ego of Batman or something.  Hooting!  Hooting at other people on the road.  Driving super fast on the highway.  Flicking her lights to get someone to move out of the fast lane.  Ka-razy!  I don’t know that woman who drives that BMW like that.  That cannot be my Mom.  My Mommy who is the bestest Mom in the world…

Then we have our dearly beloved *cough cough* Taxi drivers.  They all drive mini busses and they are the scrounge of the traffic in our cities and on our roads.  They pretty much do what they want when they want and a huge middle finger to the rest of us.  They thinks (and are often right) that they are above the law.  In heavy traffic they use the emergency lane to get to their destination 0.54 seconds earlier and are an all round menace…  These minibusses are not anything major to look at but the men (and some women) who drive them think they are BMW drivers the way they act.

In my experience and opinion I have found that people who drive BMW’s (Mom included), Audi’s and Jeep’s are the worst.  They honestly think they own the road.

What do you think about this subject?


10 thoughts on “Bad Driving linked to Cars being Driven?

  1. Right on target! I often tell my husband not to drive like a BMW driver. We often joke that half of BMW’s should be recalled ’cause they clearly came with some kind of indicator factory fault.

    I have to admit though that I find people who break traffic rules VERY annoying! To such an extent that I would go to great lengths to be equally annoying when they drive in such a manner within my vicinity, with the obvious exception of people who accidentally drive like assholes. Everyone makes mistakes, but some idiots (like the guy jumping behind an ambulance trailing on the ambulance’s ass with his Colgate smile as he weaves through peak time traffic) should be de-wheeled on the spot.

    Also, non-indicator users should be educated on the consequences of not using an indicator (by frightening the white hot @#!@! out of them). This is very important. My life’s purpose.

    Yes, it all is very true indeed.


  2. I’m not sure if its a BMW driver thing and more of a Luxury German Car thing.
    For me personally, I think its more of an asshole thing and that it has very little to do with the car you drive. I take myself for example and I’m a pretty aggressive driver, the problem has been compounded since I got my very powerful French Car, I hate being stuck behind 1.4 battling to maintain the speedlimit up a hill on the highway.

    I like the example Maritza has given, see that’s pretty much an arsehole thing and the majority of the time when we witness those types of goings on, its more of a Taxi driver thing. So my conclusion would be that all taxi drivers are assholes. 🙂 hahahaha


  3. I think when you buy certain luxuary cars you get a free “how to drive like an A**hole course” and taxi drivers have that built in they dont even need the course.


  4. what is the difference between a bmw and a porcupine? porcupines have pricks on the outside.
    i usually find that people who drive luxury vehicles and big-honking love boat sized suvs are the ones who are the biggest a-holes. they drive with a sense of entitlement like they own the road and you are just in their way…and it doesn’t matter if you are driving 80 mph too! i get really annoyed with people who drive german cars a lot: bmw, audi, vw, mercedes. i often wonder if the people who drive these german cars drive them the way they do because of the tv commercials for these cars. they all brag about their safety features and have super stunt drivers performing amazing driving maneuvers on closed courses (which is what the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen says). i wonder if these people are not reading the disclaimer or if they are just testing out the safety features for themselves…haha. yes, they have safety features, but if you follow another car so closely that you look like you’re being towed, you are not going to be able to stop without getting into an accident. on one snowy occasion i saw a brand new audi a4 (still had the temporary paper tag in the rear window) crashed into a telephone pole. as i passed by i hoped that no one was hurt, but i was secretly happy to see that a-hole’s car completely totaled…no doubt because he was driving like an a-hole. and you are right about these people not using their turn signals…so annoying. my fav are the people who DO use their turn signals, but only after they have already cut you off. here is a link for you on the subject of bmw drivers not using their turn signals…


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