I’ve been in a pissy mood the last two days – I think it has a direct correlation to the end of our great holiday and the fact that I have had to come back to work, but seriously!  Some people are such children…  take this example of the bloody childish crap I have to deal with constantly during the day.

I received payment from a client for an event and sent it to the finance department so that they could allocate the whole into it’s parts accordingly.  The silly tart (she’s really old and I’m 100% sure she was a sleezy stripper in her past life – note I have nothing against strippers – she is just sleezy – crappy blonde dye job, leopard print velvet pants and the like… erm…. ) who thinks she is God’s gift to finance sends me a snotty email back in CAPS cc’ing in the world – just like this:


My blood pressure soared.  I sent her this back this little ditty:


*sigh*  Not going to win any popularity contests with that one but I don’t really give a shit.  She has been on my ass for nearly 6 months now with crappy petty shit like this – to be honest I think she needs to get a life.


So now you can see what contributes to my being pissy! 

What gets you in a pissy mood??


12 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. Hi, Sorry you’re back (I mean that in a good way)!! I hate coming back from holiday! It just suck!

    Don’t get me started on what gets me pissy!! The comment box will not be big enough!!


  2. OMW!!!! My blood pressure will also rise! What a B!tch! Really childish. Sorry you had to face all that nonsense when you returned. I hope she’s feeling a little bit stupid now, the cow.


  3. Ha ha! Your comment was brilliant. My *favorite* thing is when Fianace don’t flipping read the parameters of a report and then send a mail to directors etc saying your figures don’t tie up to previous information.

    Please let me know if you get a response from her 🙂


  4. I’d have to say the finance ladies where I work have the ability to get me in a mood too. Especially when they order Scooters Pizza deliveries for lunch, then sneak it into their office and sit with the door closed without even having the courtesy to ask anybody else if they’d like pizza when they ordered it.
    RUDE people put me in a pissy mood!!!


  5. Yikes.. What a beotch! I’m glad you shot back at her.

    What gets me pissy? Lazy self serving people. People that will only do something if it benifits them and helps to further thier lazy behavior.. yeah..I’m talking about one person in particular. I had a half day today and I left her one job to do… I know that she won’t do it. All it entailed was clicking on something, adding a name and printing it. That’s it. I know that there will be a note on my desk asking me to do because she couldn’t. I just know…ggrrr.


  6. Rrrrawrrr! I LOVE that you snapped back. Touche! What gets me mad??? Hmmm….parents who make horrible excuses for their kids’ crappy grades and behavior and want to try to blame ME for the fact that their brats aren’t doing right! Grrrr.


  7. Dont you just LOOOVVVEE this- ppl who say they are SOOOOO busy, cant handle the work load and then sit and drink coffee and chat on the phone the whole day, *she* is sitting in the office opposite me now. I swear her best friend is the phone – I cant believe someone can actually talk as much as she does. Drives me up the frigging wall.

    PS Glad u back!


  8. Hey Welcome back. I’m sorry you have to deal with idiots like that after your wonderful holiday. Ignore them, they are not worth your time or effort. Acccounts people=bean counters=boring!!!


  9. I love your reply!! Any email in CAPS with exclamation points pisses me off instantly. The last one I received caused a face to face confrontation because I was afraid of the paper trail for what I wanted to type!!

    I also hate being swamped with work while other coworkers are sitting around and surfing the net for half the day. Drives me batty!!

    I hope things get a little better.


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