Back to Life… Back to Reality….


Only one more day in paradise internets and then we’ll be packing the car, drugging the dogs with the new drugs which (please God) will keep our hounds under control in the car and be on our way home to the smoggy depths of Joburg…

We’ve had such a good time in Plett I loathe the idea of going home and going back to work – but it has to be done.  Cos like it or don’t like it work pays the bills and will ultimately pay for our next IVF…

So nearly time to drive home…

In the mean time let me regail you with some pic’s of our dogs enjoying their holiday as much as we have…



Oh and one of us after our disasterous round of golf on Monday!



9 thoughts on “Back to Life… Back to Reality….

  1. I only work to support my IVF habit. (;

    I love the picture of your 2 hounds with the Frisbee. That is one to frame. The one of the 2 of you isn’t bad either. hehe. Seriously, you both look great.

    I hope the magical meds work wonders on the furbabies and your drive home is peaceful.


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