One of the best things about being on holiday in Plettenberg Bay is the fact that there are many different restaurants where we can go for a little sundowner.  One of our favourites – Enrico’s – is in such a stunning spot – it overlooks the beach and while one knows that one cannot expect sterling service, the wine and beer is good and the setting way overshadows any service issues you might have…

So cheers internets!  Here’s to sundowners at the beach!





19 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. i’m so jealous! it looks like you are having a great time.

    ….i wish that i was someplace where i could drink coctails by the beach. instead i will just go back to sipping my hot chocolate in front of the computer 😦


  2. We went to Enrico’s last year for our Christmas day lunch. All of us wore Enricho’s t-shirts. It really confused the waiters. But the owner gave us a free bottle of Lemincello because he thought it was so funny. I think I may have a corney family 🙂 But you are right it is a really really nice place.


  3. Cheers I am jealous of you people going on fun holidays while I have to work, not fair. Never been to plet. Me thinks we should investigate it.


  4. Looks like a fabulous vacation! The pictures are wonderful — I love the seagull shots.

    Our dog also hates the car — we have to dope him up this afternoon, as my MIL is taking him in her car for the Thanksgiving trip (we’re meeting them tomorrow). We’ve never succeeded in knocking him out, settling instead for just making him less anxious and stressed. I hope your dogs fare better on the trip home!


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