We had a REAL treat for dinner last night.  We decided that after our divine day of walking on the beach and  canoeing up the river we would go fishing while the miserable weather rolled in over the hills of Plettenberg Bay. 

We pumped for prawns to use for bait and then set off with our rods to try and catch ourselves some dinner.  We cast our lines and got a few nibbles.  After nearly suffering from cardiac arrest when Jazz nearly got her hind leg caught in a hook while I was baiting my line, I took the hounds back to the holiday house and when I got back Cliff showed me his catch – a cute little grunter!  We had fish for dinner 🙂  We stayed a while longer and Cliff soon hooked another fish!  Whoooo hoooo!  (I caught nothing but some white wine in a plastic glass despite my best efforts *sigh* I really want to catch a fish while we’re here…)

So we got home and proceeded to prepare our fish for dinner!






YUMMY!  I hope we get some more of the same next week!


13 thoughts on “FRESH FISH!!! YUMMY!!!

  1. Oh – that looks sooo good! I have slowy become a fisherwoman. Really slowly. The first time out in the canoe with just hubby and me I cast my line and it got caught in a tree.

    I tugged. The line broke. Lost my lure and …no tackle box! (forgot it in the truck!)

    Good times!!!


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