I was nearly an axe murderer…

FOR REAL INTERNETS!!! I was *this* close to being an axe murderer… and to the two most lovable hounds you have ever seen… well actually only to one of those two most lovable hounds… Our trip to Plettenberg Bay was EVENTFUL very, very eventful.  The vet, the one who we normally love well, he was such a liar!!  The pills he gave us to conk the dogs out for the duration of the trip – well lets suffice it to say that they did jack shit… 

We left on Sunday morning after giving the orange pills an hour to work on the dogs.  After packing the car and letting the dogs jump into the back I was a little concerned to see that they were both still extremely lucid and “wet nose healthy and wagging tail good.”  Five hours later and much whining, barking, panting and screaming (this was me I shamefacedly admit) we drove into our first overnight stop at the Springfontein sheep farm.  *sigh*  Our dear Saff was still a bag of beans and after a long walk to the river and back she finally succumbed and slept on the floor of our room…

Early the next morning prepared for our final leg of the trip to our holiday destination I suggested to dear Cliff that we pack one of our suitcases on the passenger front seat so that either of us could sit in the back of the car to be close to the hounds as part of the problem seemed to be that Saff experiences a separation anxiety from us.  We did this and after giving her 5 tablets (our vet said maximum 3 which did *nothing* the day before) we set out on our way.  Well!  More barking, whining and several road work “stop and go’s” frayed all our nerves to shreds.  My right shoulder is still sore from having to have my arm through the dog grate to calm poor Saffy down and at one stage I even had to have Jazz on my lap cos she wanted to sleep but could not cos Saff was stepping on her head…

What a palaver!  But we got to our destination in one piece and thankfully our in-laws were here ready with a HUGE glass of red wine for me and a nice cold Frosty for Cliff 🙂  We are still not sure that we’d ever try this madness again in a hurry but you know what?  Right now these furry fiends are our children and we could not have been away for two weeks without them…. no matter the cost to my shoulder and our sanity for 12 hours on the way down…



11 thoughts on “I was nearly an axe murderer…

  1. We don’t travel with our dogs because they are horrible in the car! Just like yours: Whining, operatics, barking etc.

    At least you all survived.


  2. Some children react to benedryl by sleeping and some children get hyped up like they just took crack. Mine are the latter. Maybe those pills were kindof the same thing, for most dogs, it relaxes them, for others, it doesn’t effect them at all?

    Glad you made it through though!!


  3. I don’t believe a word of it. They are too darn cute to cause that much trouble, right? LOL.

    We used to drive back home for the holidays with our 2 furbabies. It was 16 hours to get to M’s parents and another 9 to get to mine. Our vet recommended chewable Dramamine (drowsy kind). It worked like a charm and also kept our golden from getting carsick.

    Enjoy your time away. (;


  4. Sam, what are you going to do for the trip home??? Good luck my friend.
    I just checked with W, we gave Chyna Nutricalm when we drove down to Cape Town and it worked like a dream, my boo slept most of the way and was completley calm, perhaps pop to a vet in Plett and ask about them.


  5. Oh gosh. Well I am glad you didn’t bluedgeon them to death. LOL. My dog insisits on standing on the center console and my brother’s dog farts the whole ride. It is great.


  6. I laugh because people like to tell me how lucky I am not to have kids but I have traveled halfway across the US with two dogs. I think it would be much easier to try to tell a kid(might understand) to be quiet but completely different to try to tell a dog(probably won’t understand). Our Saphron prefers to sit in our lap the entire way. We’ve tried leaving them at a kennel but I’ve gotten a call while on the ocean about Othello slicing his paw open and needing staples. That made it hard to relax on the last few days of the cruise. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the trip home will be less eventful for you.


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