Another new look

I got a new look again today… I quite like it.  The colour is dark still but has quite a bit of red in it which shines through in the sun.  The cut is quite a bit shorter than I would have liked but considering that I got my hair stuck in my broken hairdryer and ended up with a piece of horse hair at the back of my head, I had to go shorter.  But I like it.

Naturally I had to share it with you dear internets and get your opinions, but this whole taking pictures of yourself in the mirror takes some practice… feast your eyes on the mishaps of the photo shoot:





Haha!  So after many of those such mishap shots, I finally managed to get these shots to show you what my new do looks like 😉 







What ya think chappies?


12 thoughts on “Another new look

  1. I particularly like the hairstyle from the back (though I’m guessing you didn’t take that photo yourself!).

    I don’t recall what your old hairstyle was, so it’s hard to compare, but I agree with Sharon about the face-framing.


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