Crikey, call me Crazy!

While I’m supposed to be already enjoying my leave, I’ve actually been running around like a crazy chicken! 

  • I’ve been dashing around collecting stock, pricing stock and delivering stock to the Xmas market I’m taking part in (please, please ceramics sell!). 
  • I’ve been delivering orders to friends. 
  • I’ve been running around buying wedding presents for a wedding I’m attending tomorrow. 
  • I’ve been dashing to a beauty therapist to get a wax before hitting the beach next week (please, please sun come out tomorrow!)
  • I’ve been fielding calls from work, sorting out issues for the next two weeks so that hopefully when I do hit the beach I won’t be taking any such calls.
  • I’ve been drying hounds when I get home after all the running around cos it has been raining so bloody much the last two days I feel like a duck!!!

Crikey Moses people!  I thought leave was for resting and not for being super busy bee like!  What is YOUR favourite thing to do while you’re on leave??


3 thoughts on “Crikey, call me Crazy!

  1. I love the idea of tring to sleep late, not that that really happens. I also like not having a schedule and doing things when I feel like it. So if I want to mooch around in my PJ’s and drink 3 cups of coffee in the mornings then I do!


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