I am so darn exhausted.  For the past few weeks I’ve been working my bum off at my full time job during the day getting year end functions and parties sorted out before I go on holiday at the end of this week and then have been going home and working my bum off at painting stock for the upcoming Christmas market this week.  I’ve also been getting orders done for some of my friends and family and I am exhausted.

Trying to get a business up and running while you work full time is no mean feat, but I am slowly but surely getting there…

I could fall asleep at my desk typing this though… One things for sure, I’m looking forward to this holiday.  Very much.


6 thoughts on “Exhausting…

  1. Ugghh, that is alot my dear. Can you imagine if you were trying to do an IVF cycle right now too? That is a part time job all on it’s own.

    I just found out that I will likely have to work on both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year for some critical testing. Not that we could afford a vacation anyway, but still the time off is nice. Enjoy your break. It sounds like you really need it.


  2. Prepare for landing. All peripheral systems shut down. Entering safe-mode.

    I’ll do my part by saying, relax, you can do my order next year.

    Wishing you strength for the few days ahead.


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