Whole lotta babies going on…

A while back I posted about the weaver who lives in my garden and the fact that he never seems to be lucky enough to have any babies – WELL!

There’s a whole lot of bird babies going on!  IN OUR GARDEN!!!  The one where it seemed that even our birds were infertile… a few weeks ago I found a pair of baby doves and for the last few weeks we’ve been hearing a chirpy cheep chirp chirp sound coming from one of the many weaver nests we have in our tree.  Yes!  Weaver Beaver managed to make some babies – real live ones!  

Two weeks ago Thursday evening when I got home we noticed that Jazzy had found something in the garden and was trying to eat it.  Thinking it was a park town prawn I got Cliff to investigate and this is what he found



A dead baby weaver who must have fallen from the tree in a gust of wind before a storm… It was horrible to realise that even in nature parents lose their hard fought for babies.  I wondered what Weaver Beaver and his partner thought when they checked the nest that day.  I wondered if they felt the loss as keenly as a human would have.  I like to think they did.

I’m seriously hoping and praying that all the bird babies going on in our garden means that there’ll soon be one or two human babies going on inside the house…

It seems as if God and nature are telling us that there just might be… roll on 2009.


7 thoughts on “Whole lotta babies going on…

  1. I think they do feel the loss. We had doves that made a nest on one of the pillars on our patio and the HORRIBLE Indian Minors killed the babies, the femal Dove continued to sit on her dead babies to keep them warm for more than a day before realizig they were dead and throwing them from the nest.
    It made me very sad.
    Poor babies!


  2. I hope you have some babies in the house soon too.

    I assume that animals feel the loss, they are mothers after all. It has to be the same!


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