Room with a View

This picture was taken from our bedroom window a few weeks back – isn’t that too glorious for words?



10 thoughts on “Room with a View

  1. How beautiful! I asked John Dear to take a picture of the views from our windows. We’re on the 8th floor, so you just get this gorgeous view of all the autumn leaves.


  2. Lucky girl – Jhb has stunning sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy it – here in Dbn the sun is up at 4.30 in summer so not getting up to appreciate that! even in Summer our sun sets early too.


  3. Just beautiful…like you 😉

    Sorry I haven’t been around much but I’m trying to be a better blogger-buddy….

    We must must must get together soon, please let’s plan something…I miss you gals and seeing that none of us are doing treatment soon, let’s get pi$$ed 🙂 🙂


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