Unveiling the Super Bike!

So!  Here it is – this is what caused such abject misery in Ches Young last week…  Nice huh?

Ok so that was my lame attempt at humour 😉 (This is actually the metal bike we bought in Clarens – isn’t it stunning – and we got such a bargain!!!)

This is the real bike – the really expensive one that if I hear one word next year about how expensive IVF will be the catalyst to one said Mr Young finding himself 6 feet under…

And here is the man himself riding into the sunset to get away from his witch of a wife (told you I’d get this action shot – love how the hounds are running after him…heh…)

And this is so his “I’m the winner of this battle” face!

He’s darn lucky I love him so much!!!


12 thoughts on “Unveiling the Super Bike!

  1. Hehehe, I like the sun set shot! Now will be interesting to see if we get the “foot up the arse” shot at a later stage. W nearly got a foot up his arse yesterday!! 😉


  2. Hey Sam – he looks like the cat that got the cheese!! But I REALLY like the other bike alot more!! He he – I would have bought that one too!!


  3. Hi,

    I luv your Clarens bike – its beautiful!!

    The Merida isn’t bad as well – congratulations to your DH!

    He must say if he wants to join my DH for some mountain biking rides!!


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