Blog Dispair!

I am really miff!  On Friday our IT guru’s at work sent out an email saying that they were installing an upgrade something or the other which was going to enhance the use of Internet Explorer to users. 

L I A R S!!!!

What they did do was install some bloody programme called Baracuda (I mean anyone else get flashes of a creepy crawly sucking your toes when you read that?) which does not allow me to gain access to WordPress or Blogspot sites AT ALL!

I’m devastated!  How on earth am I now going to read my blogs?  How am I going to update my own blog on a regular basis?  I tell you how dear internets – by having to pay for it my bloody self!  BASTARDS!!!

Work sucks hair balls as it is – now I have to be denied access to the only things that were keeping me sane and out of a straight jacket in the first place???  This is the height of cruelty if you have to ask me…

I’m off now to go and eat a big piece of chocolate cake and main line some red wine….


I am not able to access google reader or bloglines either with the new Baracuda in town – so I am well and truely screwed!  But thanks to those who suggested it 😉


17 thoughts on “Blog Dispair!

  1. Does it still allow you access to google reader? Can you cheat and read “most” posts that way? Okay, maybe i shouldn’t be helping you circumvent your work’s rules, so maybe only if you’re desperate. 🙂


  2. No blogs or forums?? How dare they?? Just who do they think they are?? And how oh how dare they interfere with such important work as blogging!!!
    Seriously Sam, I’d be really bummed too. Half of what keeps me going during most hectic days is a quick 5 minute break every now and then. I don’t smoke, so I don’t take smoke breaks, but do like to peak a look at forums and blogs during the day.
    Sucks hairballs indeed!


  3. Hey Honey!! The buggers!!! Do you know if they loaded it onto your local machine or the server?? We’ve got something like that here at work but because I am on my own laptop which is loaded with Vista, I piggyback the network and don’t log into it other than to connect to the servers & my email, I then connect to the internet as if I’m at home!! Hee hee and the buggers don’t know…..

    If it’s loaded locally on your machine you should just disable it temporarily while you do blogwork!!!


  4. OMG Sam thats awful – this is what keeps me sane during the day and keeps me in touch with cyber friends far away. So sorry my friend. We’ll just have to find another way for you to keep blogging….


  5. OH MY WORD – I know the feeling!! I ended up buying myself a 3G card because I couldnt do without. But make sure you buy one that has a signal at work, mine is a bit dodgy at work but works really well at home. You will have to do something – addiction is a terrible thing!


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